Published November 2018 on YouTube

116: How to Avoid Dining on a Side of Self-Delusion | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Jason share insights from recent guests, including former ambassador Michael and kidnapping survivor Michael Scott Moore. They also discuss their primary mission of having conversations directly with listeners and answer questions on Feedback Friday.+

2. Back in the Saddle

Jordan and Jason catch up after Jordan's trip to Australia where he learned a lot about podcasting and plans to incorporate more video in the coming year. Despite the time difference, they dive into the mailbag and discuss listener questions on a variety of topics.+

3. Marriage and Kids

Marriage and Kids:Jason is hesitant to get married again, but his girlfriend wants to be married before having kids. Jordan explains that this is already an issue and that they need to work through it before it becomes a bigger problem. He also suggests that Jason's fear of commitment may be a repeat pattern and that they should address any underlying issues before making any decisions.+
Marriage and Kids:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of marriage before having kids and the potential issues that may arise if one partner is against it. They also touch on the legal and social implications of having children outside of marriage.+

4. Hormonal Vocal Complications

Hormonal Vocal Complications:Sally, a choir director and singer, discusses her vocal complications after a partial thyroidectomy with Jason and Jordan. They advise her to get a second opinion and express concern over her endocrinologist's lack of knowledge about hormonal effects on the voice. The conversation highlights the importance of medical education on this topic.+
Doctor Knowledge Gaps:Jordan discusses the difficulty of educating doctors on specific topics, particularly when it comes to their clients' concerns. He suggests seeking multiple opinions and finding a specialist who is experienced in the specific issue at hand.+

5. Sponsors

Protect Your Online Presence:Jason shares the importance of having a website to keep your online content safe and secure, and how HostGator can help you build a website easily and affordably.+
Better Sleep:Jordan talks about the importance of getting a good night's sleep and recommends Purple mattress, which uses a unique material that is firm, soft, and breathable. Listeners can get a free Purple pillow with the purchase of any mattress by texting Jordan to 474747.+

6. Relationship Crossroads

Relationship Crossroads:Jason is in a long-term relationship with Lynn, his high school sweetheart. However, Lynn wants to experience other people and live carefree. Jason is not interested in an open relationship and is feeling stuck. He seeks advice on how to move forward.+
Relationship and Experience:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of experience in relationships and how it can affect a person's desire for more. They advise listeners to consider the risks of encouraging a partner's desire for new experiences, as it may temporarily damage the relationship.+
Relationship Breaks:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of taking a break in a long-term relationship. They advise a listener to let his girlfriend go out and experience other things before settling down, and suggest that he might benefit from a break as well. They emphasize that breaks can help confirm whether what you have is really what you want, and that it's better to take a break now than to risk bigger problems later.+

7. Family Abuse Dynamics

Family Abuse Dynamics:Jordan and Jason discuss the common dynamic of family members pressuring victims of abuse to maintain a facade of unity, despite the damage caused by the abuser. They emphasize that it is not the victim's responsibility to make sure the family and abuser feel okay about the abuse, and that victims should not be forced to participate in events where the abuser is present.+
Dealing with Family Abuse:Jordan and Jason discuss how to deal with family abuse during the holidays. They emphasize the importance of protecting the victim and not covering up the abuser's actions. They suggest being honest with family members and avoiding situations where the abuser is present.+

8. Sponsors

Jordan shares how FreshBooks makes accounting easy for businesses, allowing them to create and send professional invoices in just 30 seconds. With online payments, clients can pay directly through invoices, making the payment process twice as fast.+

9. Enhancing Storytelling Skills

Improving Storytelling:Jason and Jordan discuss a listener's question about improving their storytelling skills and offer recommendations for enhancing communication abilities. They also touch on the importance of listener feedback and the value of their show recommendations.+
Improving Storytelling:Jordan suggests taking a comedy writing course to improve storytelling skills. He believes that comedy writing courses are more engaging and fun than regular writing courses and can help with delivery and performance anxiety. Storytelling courses are also an option, but comedy writing courses are more widely available.Show transcript +

10. Workplace Relationships

Bad Boss Crush:Bad Boss is a 34-year-old engineer who is attracted to one of her male subordinates. She seeks advice on how to steer off this course and how to navigate dating as a successful woman in a male-dominated industry. Jordan and Jason agree that this is a bad idea and offer insights on workplace relationships and self-confidence in dating.+
Bad Boss Dating:Jordan advises a listener not to date her subordinate because it could damage her career and reputation. He warns that a scarcity mindset can lead to bad decisions and suggests that men in male-dominated industries may view female bosses as conquests.+
Dating and Vocal Confidence:Jordan advises a listener on dating and filtering for confident men, emphasizing the importance of building confidence and using online dating. He also recommends a vocal coach for a new teacher struggling with speaking too quietly, highlighting the mindset behind vocal habits and the potential career benefits of overcoming them.+

11. Body Language Remorse

Remorseful Body Language:Jordan advises Officer Humble on how to convey remorse through body language in a disciplinary proceeding. He suggests thinking of a time when you were genuinely sorry and using that feeling to show remorse. Jordan also recommends seeking counseling to manage anger and emotions in the workplace.+
Life-saving playlist:Jordan and Jason discuss Spotify's collaboration with the American Heart Association to create a playlist of songs with 100 beats per minute, the perfect tempo for performing CPR. They joke about the songs on the list, but ultimately acknowledge the potential life-saving impact of having a catchy beat to keep time during an emergency.+

12. Outro

Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of networking and building relationships, and offer tips on how to do it effectively. They also promote their free Six-Minute Networking Course and emphasize the importance of not postponing networking.+