Published January 2022 on YouTube

618: Prescription for Friction: Marry into Addiction | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Gabriel give advice on how to get your foot in the door with a prospective employer, a new partner, or a potential client. They explore great principles for sussing out other people's true needs and drawing on the approaches and techniques that they've seen work well in the past.+

2. Relationship Struggles

Addiction and Relationships:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a letter from a listener who is struggling with addiction and their fiancée's drug use. They offer insights on communication and the importance of considering how substance use affects relationships.+
Marriage Red Flags:Jordan and Gabriel give advice to a listener who is engaged but struggling with addiction and substance use with his fiancée. They emphasize the importance of addressing these issues before getting married to avoid serious dysfunction in the future. They suggest addiction treatment and figuring out the root causes of addiction for both parties. Additionally, they stress the need for both partners to be on the same page about substance use in the relationship.+
Navigating Relationship Struggles:Gabriel encourages therapy and couples counseling to unpack hopelessness and improve communication. Jordan advises putting the wedding on hold to work on the relationship before making a commitment. Both emphasize the importance of doing the work and taking care of oneself.+

3. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen discuss the importance of gut health in boosting immunity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. They recommend Biome Breakthrough, a product that contains powerful probiotics and prebiotics, and a patented egg-based protein called IgY Max. They also mention the QuickVue at-home OTC COVID-19 test, which gives rapid results in 10 minutes and detects omicron and other variants of COVID-19.+

4. Confronting Childhood Pain

Conceived by Sperm Donor:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a listener's experience of finding out that they were conceived via a sperm donor, and the resulting anger towards their mother for not raising them in the way they deserved. They explore the normal process of unearthing feelings about one's life and parents in therapy, and the importance of understanding how experiences shape who we are.+
Dealing with Parental Anger:Jordan helps listeners explore their feelings of anger towards their parents, and encourages them to consider their motivations for confronting their parents. He emphasizes the importance of living in a both-and world, and asks listeners to reflect on what they hope to accomplish by confronting their parents.Show transcript +
Letting Go Pain:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the difficulty of letting go of childhood pain and how to approach a conversation with a parent about it. They emphasize the importance of being clear about what you hope to achieve in the conversation and the possibility that the parent may not be equipped to handle the conversation.+
Finding Closure:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of finding closure and processing emotional wounds. They suggest ways to turn negative experiences into positive growth and how to approach difficult conversations with loved ones.+

5. Long-Distance Love

Long-Distance Love:Gabriel shares his experience of maintaining a long-distance relationship that ultimately didn't work out due to the toll it took on their mental health. He discusses the difficulty of moving on and the unique challenges of long-distance relationships during the pandemic.+
Long Distance Love:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of being in a long distance relationship, offering empathy and understanding to those going through it. They also recommend a movie that may resonate with those experiencing similar struggles.+
Coping with Long-Distance Relationships:Jordan advises a listener on how to cope with the pain of being in a long-distance relationship. He offers two options: stay together and work on the relationship or end the romantic relationship for the next two years. Jordan emphasizes the importance of processing the pain and making sure that the decision is coming from the heart and not from fear or grief.+
Finding Meaning in Pain:Jordan and Gabriel give advice to a listener struggling with a long-distance relationship during COVID. They encourage her to find meaning in the pain, and suggest that seeing other people in the meantime might not be a bad idea. They also note that COVID regulations are constantly changing, and that borders may open up soon.+
Long-Distance Love:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship and offer advice on how to navigate the situation. They emphasize the importance of communication and being upfront with potential partners while acknowledging the risks involved. Ultimately, they encourage listeners to get clear on their feelings and priorities and find the best way to cope with the situation.+

6. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen discuss the stigmas around mental health and how therapy can benefit anyone. They introduce Better Help, an affordable online therapy service, and share a discount code for listeners. They also mention Progressive, a car insurance company that can help you save money.+

7. Assertiveness at Work

Assertiveness at Work:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to maintain a balance between being nice and assertive at work, and how to recognize when you're being taken advantage of.+
Job Description:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of having clear job duties and setting boundaries when asked to do tasks outside of your job description. While being helpful is important, it's also crucial to avoid being exploited and undercompensated.+
Setting Boundaries:Jordan and Gabe discuss the importance of setting boundaries in the workplace and offer advice on how to do so kindly and assertively. They also highlight the current job market and encourage listeners to stand up for themselves.+

8. Embracing Mortality

Jordan offers advice to a listener struggling with the fear of losing loved ones. He encourages the listener to embrace the reality of mortality and use it as a reason to cherish the time spent with family.+

9. Outro

Jordan shares his networking strategies and how to develop tiny habits to build a strong network. He also promotes his free course, Six-Minute Networking, which teaches listeners how to dig the well before getting thirsty.+