Published September 2023 on Spotfiy

890: Bioplastics | Skeptical Sunday

1. Introduction

Comedian Michael Regilio joins Jordan to explore the potential of bioplastics as a solution to the global plastic problem. They discuss the environmental impact of plastics, the challenges of disposal, and whether bioplastics offer a sustainable alternative.+

2. Plastic Invasion

Plastic Invasion:Dive into the shocking reality of the plastic epidemic as Michael and Jordan discuss the overwhelming presence of plastic in our lives, from oceans to remote locations, and the urgent need for change.+
Plastic Recycling Deception:Discover the shocking truth behind the recycling movement and how the plastic industry has deceived us all. Learn why recycling is not the solution to the plastic problem and the real motives behind it.+

3. Plastic Solutions

Plastic Solutions:Discover the surprising truth about plastic consumption and learn about the options for recycling and biodegradable plastics. Find out how you can make a difference in reducing plastic waste.+
Bioplastics Unwrapped:Discover the world of bioplastics as Jordan and Michael break down the differences between PLA and PHA, explore their edibility, and delve into the history of these moldable materials.+

4. The Biodegradable Plastic Confusion

Discover the surprising truth about biodegradable plastics as Jordan and Michael delve into the confusing world of bioplastics and their environmental impact. Learn why some bioplastics are not actually biodegradable and why the label "biodegradable" can be misleading.+

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6. Unraveling Biodegradable Plastics

Decoding Biodegradable Plastics:Unraveling the confusion surrounding biodegradable plastics, Jordan and Michael explore the differences between biodegradable and compostable plastics. They discuss the misleading claims and shed light on the proper disposal methods for these materials.+
The Problem with Compostable Plastic:Discover the truth about compostable plastic and its impact on the environment. Jordan and Michael delve into the challenges of disposing of compostable plastic, the limited availability of industrial composting facilities, and the unintended consequences of misplacing it in recycling bins. Find out why compostable plastic often ends up in landfills and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.+

7. The Problem Unveiled

The Problem with Compostable Plastic:Discover the shocking truth about compostable plastic as Jordan and Michael delve into the complexities and misconceptions surrounding its disposal. Learn why environmentally conscious TikTokers are turning away from it and how researchers have found that it may not live up to its claims. Find out what this means for our plastic problem and the environment.+
The Complexities of Bioplastics:Michael explains the complexities of bioplastics, highlighting their negative environmental impact and the challenges of production. However, he also acknowledges the potential benefits, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Jordan and Michael discuss the limitations and complexities of bioplastics, questioning their viability as a sustainable solution.+

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9. Biodegradable Flip Flop Foam

Biodegradable Flip Flop Foam:Jordan and Michael discuss the environmental impact of discarded flip flops and the exciting development of biodegradable flip flop foam made from algae. They explore the affordability and popularity of flip flops in developing countries and the potential benefits of using algae as a sustainable material.+
Algae: A Sustainable Solution:Discover how algae is being used as a sustainable solution to combat plastic pollution. From algae-based shoes to non-plastic packaging, Jordan and Michael explore the promising potential of this versatile organism.+

10. Outro

Jordan and Michael discuss the importance of recycling plastic and offer practical solutions to reduce plastic waste in landfills. They highlight the option of recycling plastic bags and wrapping at various stores, emphasizing the positive impact of reusing these materials.+