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893: Make Ex's Hard Life Nice without Self-Sacrifice? | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Explore the chilling world of Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy, a form of child abuse where parents harm their children for attention. Delve into the dark and disturbing secrets behind this medical condition.+

2. Divorced Dad's Struggle

Divorced Dad's Struggle:A divorced dad shares his struggle with an unfair financial burden and a custody arrangement that revolves around his ex-wife's needs. The situation takes a tragic turn when her new husband's relapse and subsequent death coincide with her aggressive cancer diagnosis. Despite the challenges, the dad remains committed to supporting his ex-wife during her recovery.+
Supporting an Ex:Gabriel seeks advice on how to support his ex through a difficult time without falling back into toxic patterns and losing the boundaries he's worked hard to establish. Jordan empathizes with the complexity of the situation and offers guidance on navigating this unique dynamic.+
Supporting a Loved One:Explore the delicate balance of supporting a loved one while maintaining your own well-being and boundaries in this heartfelt episode.+
Setting Boundaries:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of setting boundaries in a codependent relationship, emphasizing the need for self-care and maintaining personal identity. They explore the dynamics of support and how to navigate the fine line between being there for someone and losing oneself in the process.+
Prioritizing Needs:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of prioritizing one's own needs while navigating relationships and offer insights on how to balance taking care of oneself and supporting others.+

3. Sponsors

Jordan offers empathy and support to a listener going through a difficult time, while also highlighting the importance of taking care of one's mental health. He introduces BetterHelp, an online therapy platform, and the US Bank Cash Plus Visa Signature Card, which offers cash back rewards.+

4. Coaching Support Needed

Coaching Support and Mental Health:A collegiate basketball coach shares their challenging experiences dealing with mental health issues among their players and family, and proposes the need for a support system for coaches. They seek advice on starting an organization to provide guidance, resources, and training for coaches in similar situations.+
Extraordinary Coaching Stories:Discover the contrasting experiences of Jordan and Gabriel with their high school football coaches. From a terrible coach who made their lives miserable to a compassionate coach who went above and beyond, this episode explores the profound impact coaches can have on their players' lives.+
Nurturing a Game-Changing Idea:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of nurturing a unique idea and the potential impact it can have. They emphasize the need to share and discuss the idea with others, as it can lead to unexpected opportunities and support.+
Building an Organization:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the steps to take when starting an organization, emphasizing the importance of starting small and gathering feedback from potential users. They also highlight the value of sharing resources and creating a support system within the organization.+
The Coach's Solution:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the urgent need for support in the coaching industry and the potential for a nonprofit or college initiative to address this issue. They applaud the coach's determination to fix the system and offer their support in creating something special for coaches in need.+
Confronting Infidelity:Gabriel seeks advice from Jordan after his therapist suggests accepting her husband's infidelity due to his profession and their age. Jordan is shocked by the therapist's opinion and offers his own insights on the matter.+
Therapist's Role:Explore the different perspectives on a therapist's role in guiding patients and the importance of allowing patients to make their own choices.+
Unconventional Therapy:Gabriel and Jordan discuss a concerning therapy experience involving a therapist who advises the use of psychedelics and reveals his own addiction. They highlight the red flags and suggest seeking a second opinion.+
Unconventional Therapy:Jordan and Gabriel discuss their humorous experiences with massages and delve into the complexities of a listener's situation involving infidelity and setting boundaries in a relationship.+
Unraveling Infidelity:Dive into a candid conversation about the complexities of infidelity, as Jordan and Gabriel challenge common assumptions and explore the impact of narcissism in relationships.+
Navigating Infidelity:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the complexities of staying in a marriage after infidelity and the importance of finding the right therapist to guide you through the process.+

5. Sponsors

Finding Your Own Answers:Jordan Harbinger encourages listeners to search for their own answers and emphasizes the importance of personal growth and introspection.+
Finding Your More:Discover how meaningful connections and conversations can enrich your life and broaden your horizons. Explore the concept of finding "more" and how it can lead to more freedom, adventure, and fun.+

6. Balancing Success and Support

Balancing Success, Support, and Recognition:Gabriel shares the story of a husband feeling overshadowed by his wife's business success, while he silently supports her behind the scenes. Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of maintaining a healthy balance between personal achievements, supporting a partner, and seeking recognition for one's own contributions.+
Navigating Relationship Dynamics:Jordan offers insights on how to address the issue of feeling undervalued in a relationship, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and understanding each other's perspectives.+
Navigating Relationship Realities:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the challenges of being on the same page with your partner when it comes to shared realities and recognition in a relationship. They explore the delicate balance of acknowledging each other's contributions without diminishing one's own.+
Challenging Success, MLM Parallels:Jordan explores the concept of success and draws parallels to MLMs, questioning the mindset of someone with a money-losing business who still sees themselves as successful. He advises finding a balance between being appreciated by your employer and expecting recognition from your spouse.+

7. Smuggling Bibles, China

Gabriel shares his intense experience of smuggling Bibles into China and raises concerns about visiting the country again. Jordan and Gabriel seek expert advice from Matthew Ty, a human rights advocate, who reveals the potential risks involved in crossing the border.+

8. Outro

Asian Adventures:Explore the fascinating and safe destinations in Asia with insights from Jordan and his guest. Discover hidden gems and tips for an unforgettable vacation.+
Connecting and Giving Back:Jordan Harbinger shares ways to connect with him and his team, and offers a $10 Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation for those who took the survey. He also encourages listeners to support sponsors and promises to send a gift card in return.+