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463: Saying Sayonara to Sister's Swindling Sweetie | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Gabriel decode the stories, secrets, and skills of the world's most fascinating people and turn their wisdom into practical advice that you can use to impact your own life and those around you. They aim to help you become a better informed, more critical thinker.+

2. ZIP Code Predictions

ZIP Code Predictions:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how marketers use ZIP code data to predict future trends and product success. They explore how this data could be used in surprising ways, such as incorporating it into stock analysis.+
Failed Products and '80s Aerobics:Jordan and Gabriel reminisce about failed products like Google Glass and TaB soda, and discuss the hilariously awkward 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobics Championship. They recommend watching the video for a good laugh.+

3. Family Financial Drama

Family Financial Drama:Gabriel seeks advice from Jordan about his sister's new boyfriend who is causing financial and familial problems. The boyfriend is refusing to sign a borrowing agreement and has made disrespectful comments about Gabriel's parents. Jordan advises against letting him move in and suggests setting boundaries.+
Scammed Sister:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a letter from a listener about their sister who has low self-esteem and keeps falling for scams in her relationships. They talk about the impact of money on mental health and the need for detachment in these situations. Jordan expresses his desire to find an expert to discuss the relationship between money and psychology.+
Family Intervention:Jordan advises a listener on how to intervene in a complicated family situation involving a freeloading boyfriend and a financially unstable sister. He emphasizes the importance of having a brutally honest conversation with the family, arriving at a firm position on what needs to change, and setting clear boundaries moving forward. Jordan also warns against letting anyone move in without a written agreement, especially if they have a history of screwing up past relationships.+
Dealing with a Toxic Partner:Jordan advises a listener on how to handle their sister's toxic partner. He suggests setting clear boundaries, refusing to bail out the sister, and keeping the partner away from the family. Jordan also recommends having a sit-down with the sister to express concerns and offer support.+
Confronting a Con Artist:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to confront a sister about her financially reckless relationship with a possible con artist, and offer advice on how to extricate herself from the situation. They stress the importance of using facts and being non-confrontational in the conversation, and suggest seeking impartial advice from a family attorney or accountant.+
Supporting a Troubled Sister:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of supporting a troubled sister while also setting clear boundaries. They suggest interventions to make the sister feel loved and understood, but also emphasize the need to articulate consequences if she refuses to break up with her toxic boyfriend.+
Tough Love:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of setting boundaries with family members who repeatedly make poor decisions. They advise the listener to prepare for the worst-case scenario and to let their sister face the consequences of her actions, even if it means watching her struggle. The hosts emphasize the importance of accountability and autonomy in becoming a responsible adult.+

4. Sponsors

Jordan talks about how Babbel makes language learning fun and easy with practical, real-world conversations in mind. With Babbel, you can choose from 14 different languages and their speech-recognition technology helps you improve your pronunciation and accent. Plus, when you purchase a three-month Babbel subscription, you get an additional three months for free with the promo code JORDAN.+

5. Allyship and Empathy

Being an Ally:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the confusion around being an ally in the social justice movement and the different ways to contribute as a privileged person. They explore the meaning of being an ally and the various actions one can take to support marginalized communities.+
Being a Woke Human:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of understanding and empathy in becoming a more woke human being in 2021. They emphasize the need for meaningful conversations, being open to new ideas, and talking to people who are different from oneself. They also caution against performative actions and the importance of caring about the issues at hand.+
Empathy and Action:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of empathy and understanding when it comes to social issues, but stress that action is also necessary in order to make a meaningful difference. They encourage listeners to find ways to incorporate their newfound understanding into their own lives and spheres of influence.+

6. Teacher Career Challenges

Frustrations of a Teacher:Gabriel shares his struggles as a teacher in a dysfunctional system, dealing with mold, lack of support, and changing rules. Jordan and Gabriel discuss the frustrations of the education system and the challenges that teachers face in providing quality education with limited resources.+
Coping with Teaching Challenges:Jordan advises a teacher struggling with a difficult school to seek out other teachers and educators to gain perspective and find ways to cope with the challenges. He shares his own experience with a similar situation his mother faced and encourages the teacher to explore new paths within education.+
Career Options:Gabriel encourages a young teacher to consider her options if she can't find joy in her current job. He suggests exploring other teaching opportunities or even a career change, reminding her that she's still young and has a world of opportunities ahead of her.+
Building a Fulfilling Career:Jordan advises educators to build relationships with other educators, treat themselves to LinkedIn Premium, and get curious about other career options. He encourages them to create their own joy and take control of their careers to avoid burnout.Show transcript +

7. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen discuss the importance of mental health and how Better Help offers licensed professional therapists who are trained to listen and help with issues. They also share how convenient and affordable it is to use Better Help and offer a discount code for listeners to get started.+

8. Confident and Selective Introductions

Making Introductions:Gabriel seeks advice from Jordan on how to make successful introductions without damaging his reputation. Jordan explains the two reasons why introductions can go wrong and offers tips on how to prevent or mitigate them.+
Confident Introductions:Jordan advises Gabe to only make introductions that he is 90% confident about, to avoid any mishaps. He also suggests that Gabe should look for signs of unreliability in people before introducing them to others.+
Selective Introductions:Jordan emphasizes the importance of being selective when making introductions. He suggests vetting the people you are introducing and only making introductions if they share a basic level of interest, appreciation, and value. Jordan also recommends using the double opt-in method to lower the risk of being on the hook if the introduction goes poorly.+

9. Networking Etiquette

Networking Etiquette:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of proper networking etiquette, including following up promptly and not wasting people's time. Gabriel shares a personal story about how he learned this lesson the hard way.+
Responsible Networking:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of responsible networking and how to avoid wasting time on unproductive connections. They emphasize the need to do due diligence and provide tips on how to make valuable introductions.+

10. Outro

Linda discusses how love is a skill that can be learned and practiced, rather than just a feeling that magically fixes everything in relationships.+