Published February 2023 on YouTube

796: Pervert-in-Law Scammer Belongs in the Slammer | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Closet Studio:Jordan and Gabriel discuss Gabriel's new home studio, which he built in his closet. They talk about the benefits of having a small, soundproof workspace and how it helps Gabriel stay focused.+
Interview Techniques:Jordan explains his interview techniques and how he uses certain phrases to guide the conversation in a specific direction. He discusses how he has practiced and refined his interview style with the help of coaches to remove filler words and add pauses for effect.+
Podcast Interviewing Tips:Jordan Harbinger shares his philosophy on podcast interviewing and how he prepares for his shows, including tips on how to keep the conversation concise and interesting for listeners. He also addresses bad advice he's received and why he believes in being conversational on his podcast.+

2. Protecting Against Blackmail

Blackmailed by Brother-in-Law:Gabriel shares his story of being blackmailed by his brother-in-law, who had hidden a nanny cam in his room and sent explicit photos of him to blackmail him. The situation escalated to involve the police and Gabriel's sister, who discovered more evidence against her husband. The betrayal of family and the impact of blackmail are discussed in this episode.+
Sister's Safety:Gabriel shares the traumatic experience of his sister's laptop being stolen and the police's lack of service. He also expresses his concern for his sister's safety as she may be getting back with her emotionally abusive husband. Jordan empathizes with Gabriel and discusses the horror of the situation.+
Protecting Yourself:Corbin Payne, a defense attorney, discusses the lack of police investigation into stalking and harassment cases and provides advice on how to protect oneself, including pursuing an order of protection. He recommends victims to hire an attorney but believes they can file for an order themselves, especially with a ton of evidence.+
Filing for Protection:Jordan advises listeners on how to file for a restraining order, emphasizing the importance of providing specific details and evidence such as screenshots and recorded phone calls.+
Protecting Victims:Jordan and Corbin discuss how victims of non-consensual intimate photos can protect themselves by keeping sensitive evidence out of the public record and filing an order of protection. They also provide tips for motivating the police to take action, including contacting a local prosecutor's office and highlighting evidence of multiple victims.+
Taking Action:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the different options available to victims of harassment, including seeking help from advocacy groups and going public with their story. They stress the importance of taking action and getting an order of protection before going public, as well as the potential impact of negative publicity on law enforcement.+
Sister's Situation:Gabriel and Jordan discuss legal options and the importance of talking to the sister to confirm whether she is seeing her abusive husband again. They explore the different scenarios and suggest ways to approach the conversation with compassion and concern.+
Sister's Boyfriend Dilemma:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to handle a situation where a sister's boyfriend has committed a premeditated crime against her and the family. They explore the importance of setting boundaries and protecting oneself in such situations.+
Supporting Abused Victims:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the difficulties of leaving an abusive relationship and the importance of supporting victims. They offer insights into how to help someone leave an abusive partner and how to be a supportive ally.+
Dealing with Predators:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how predators operate and the importance of setting boundaries. They offer advice on how to deal with a predator and recommend listening to previous episodes on the topic.+

3. Sponsors

Sustainable Fitness Routine:Jordan shares his secrets to sticking to his fitness routine despite his busy schedule. He talks about the importance of consistency and how Peloton helps him achieve his fitness goals with its 24/7 availability and variety of classes. He also highlights the features of Peloton Row, including its sensors that track movements and warn against incorrect form.+
Mental Health Help:Jordan and Jen talk about the importance of seeking mental health help and recommend Better Help, an online platform that provides therapy with licensed professional therapists. They discuss the convenience of the platform and how it can help people who are busy or unable to leave their homes.+

4. Embracing Change

Overcoming Adversity:Gabriel shares his inspiring story of overcoming alcoholism and depression to pursue his education. Jordan reflects on the theme of second chances and how it's never too late to change. They discuss ways for Gabriel to fully take advantage of his opportunities at university, especially within the realm of psychology.+
Embrace Uncertainty:Jordan advises a college student to embrace uncertainty and focus on exploring their passion for psychology. He suggests taking all the best psych classes, forming relationships with like-minded students, proposing research projects, and working hard. He encourages the student to embrace the uncertainty of the college experience and to jump into the water, as it is full of exciting possibilities.+
Chasing Goals:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of having a goal and plan, but also being open to unexpected opportunities that can change your path. Gabriel advises the listener to have grace for themselves as an older student, reminding them that age doesn't matter in achieving their goals.+
Embrace Your Story:Gabriel and Jordan encourage a listener to embrace their life experiences and use them as an advantage in their psychology career, rather than feeling behind. They discuss the importance of owning your story and accepting yourself where you are in life.+

5. Family Fraud Dilemma

Financial Fraud:Gabriel shares his experience of working for his cousin's company and discovering that his cousin has been stealing money from the company to fund his gambling addiction. The situation has put the company in major debt, and Gabriel is debating whether to confront his cousin or jump ship.+
Cousin's Business Woes:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the cousin's embezzlement and how it could lead to personal liability for the protagonist. They advise her to leave the company as soon as possible to avoid any potential legal trouble.+
Quit and Help:Jordan and Gabriel advise an employee to quit her job and help her gambling-addicted cousin. They suggest writing an email to her cousin to express her concerns and offer support for his addiction, while also stating her resignation due to the unethical behavior of misappropriating funds.+
Cousin's Business Fraud:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the delicate situation of a listener's cousin committing fraud in his business. They advise on how to approach the situation with a family intervention, the importance of documenting communication, and the potential legal liabilities involved.+

6. Sponsors

Peloton's Benefits:Jordan shares how Peloton has helped him stay active and healthy despite his busy schedule and responsibilities as a parent. He highlights the benefits of the Peloton rower and how it provides a full-body workout with real-time form feedback.+
Rowing Form Assistance:Jordan discusses his experience with Peloton Row and the Form Assist feature that helps users monitor their rowing technique in real-time, preventing avoidable injuries and improving overall fitness.+

7. Ex-Relationship Boundaries

Tumultuous Breakup:Gabe discovers his ex-boyfriend's infidelity after checking his location and logging into his Google Drive. The correspondence between his ex and his mortal enemy talked negatively about him and their physical attraction. When confronted, his ex blamed his actions on being bipolar.+
Co-parenting with an ex:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the challenges of co-parenting with an ex after a breakup, especially when emotions are still high. They provide advice on setting boundaries and being clear about what you want in order to make the arrangement successful long-term.+
Ex-Relationship Boundaries:Jordan advises a listener to set clear boundaries with her ex-partner, who cheated on her, lied about it, and refused to take accountability for his actions. He suggests that she should decide what she wants from the relationship and stick to it, even if it means giving up the dog they share. Jordan also reminds the listener that maintaining a sexual relationship with her ex might not be in line with her values and could cause more stress and heartache in the long run.+

8. Expat Struggles and Finding Home

Expat's Struggle:Gabriel shares his struggles as an expat in the UK, including the emotional toll it has taken on him and his relationship with his partner. He also discusses his conflicted feelings about his home country and the draw of his family.+
Coping with Life Transitions:Jordan offers advice to a listener who is struggling with a major life transition. He acknowledges the difficulties of moving to a new country and being separated from loved ones, but encourages the listener to give themselves grace and time to adjust. Jordan also discusses the importance of self-care during times of transition.+
Overcoming Guilt:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of dealing with guilt from family members, particularly parents, and how it can affect one's ability to pursue their own goals and desires. They analyze the manipulative and self-centered behavior of a parent who tries to make their child feel guilty for living their own life, and offer insights on how to overcome these feelings of guilt and forge one's own identity.+
Mother's Impact:Gabriel and Jordan discuss how a mother's behavior can affect a person's sense of self and ability to build intimate relationships. Lack of acknowledgement of feelings and prioritizing the mother's needs can lead to depression and disconnection.+
Seeking Intimacy:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how our relationships with our parents can affect our adult relationships, including seeking intimacy and the potential for similar dynamics to show up with our partners. They offer insights into how we can better understand and navigate these complex dynamics.+
Finding Your Home:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of finding a home within yourself, and how therapy can help you get there. They advise listeners to separate their own needs from their parents' wishes, and to explore their thoughts and feelings to find clarity and direction.+

9. Outro

Jordan shares his insights on the importance of networking and how it can change your personal and business life. He recommends his Six-Minute Networking course which is free and can be done online, making it great for introverts.+