Published April 2020 on YouTube

346: Did Coronavirus Kill My Relationship? | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jonna Mendez shares magician tactics and cool technology used in Moscow during the Cold War, while Jim Kwik talks about meta learning and the science of learning how to learn. The podcast aims to pass along guests' insights and experiences to impact listeners' lives.+

2. Online Scams

Jordan and Jason discuss the rise of online scams during the pandemic and warn listeners to be cautious of fake shipping notices and business mentorship programs. They advise listeners to keep their wits about them and be extra careful during these uncertain times.+

3. Breakup Insights

Relationship Breakup Excuses:Jordan and Jason discuss a listener's breakup and whether the excuse given was valid or not. They explore the possibility of underlying issues and the importance of communication in relationships.+
Coping with Breakup:Jordan advises a listener who was abruptly broken up with during quarantine. He suggests that therapy and seeking connection with friends and family can help with the healing process. Jordan also notes that the listener may have dodged a bullet by not being with someone who would leave them during such a difficult time.+

4. Moving During Crisis

Moving Home:Jordan advises a listener to move back home to save money and keep learning online during these uncertain times, especially if there are no job leads and the crisis has an undefined end date. While living in a big city has its benefits, it may not serve any benefit during this crisis.+
Moving During the Pandemic:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of moving during the pandemic, including the potential for great deals in the real estate market and the importance of negotiating lease renewals. They also recommend moving back home to save money and stay safe during these uncertain times.+

5. Teen Business Tips

Starting a Teen Business:Jason shares his experience with negotiating prices as a young entrepreneur and gives advice on how to market a teen's small business to avoid being underpaid.+
Sales Tips:Jordan shares valuable marketing tips for small businesses, such as asking customers for referrals in a memorable way and having a Google voice number to avoid getting too many calls and texts. He also emphasizes the importance of sticking to a price list and learning negotiation skills.+

6. Sponsors

Jordan and Jason discuss the convenience of ordering contact lenses online through 1-800 CONTACTS and the cost-effective shipping solutions provided by Shippo.+

7. Timing and Baggage

Jordan and Jason discuss how past trauma can affect current relationships and the importance of addressing it. They advise a listener on how to approach a situation where timing and past trauma may have played a role in a relationship ending.+

8. Paternity Leave Tips

Returning from Paternity Leave:Jordan congratulates Jason on his new baby and job, and advises him to enjoy his remaining time off. He then provides tips on how to reacclimate to work after paternity leave, including being prepared to work extra hard, and suggests creative ways to thank his boss and team for picking up the slack.+
Work from Home:Jordan and Jason discuss tips for working from home as a new dad, including the importance of noise-canceling headphones and finding a quiet space to work. Jordan suggests sending donuts to your team as a thank you gesture and reassures listeners that they will get back into the swing of things with work in no time.+

9. Skill Stacking

Skill Stacking:Jordan discusses the concept of skill stacking, where building proficiency in multiple skills can lead to a unique mix of abilities that sets you apart. He explains that becoming world-class in one skill is difficult, but becoming proficient in several skills is achievable and can lead to success.+
Skill Stacking:Jordan and Jason discuss the concept of skill stacking and how it has contributed to the success of their podcast. Instead of trying to become world-class in one particular area, they have combined critical thinking, conversational, technical, branding, and business skills to create a top-ranked podcast.+
Skill Stacking:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of combining various skills to become a more versatile and valuable employee, rather than focusing on becoming world-class in one area. They provide examples from the animation industry and emphasize the importance of constantly learning and improving in multiple areas.+

10. Sponsors

Jordan and Jason share sponsor messages from HostGator, Better Help, and Progressive Insurance, encouraging listeners to take advantage of quarantine time to learn new skills and work on personal growth.+

11. Cybersecurity PhD Benefits

Australian PhD Dreams:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of pursuing a PhD in cybersecurity in Australia, including the opportunity to meet new people, potential for higher earning potential, and the cool factor of being called "Doctor."+
Cybersecurity PhD:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of getting a PhD in cybersecurity and how it can keep you at the top of your game in a field that is constantly evolving.+

12. Outro

Bug Reporting:Jordan encourages listeners to report any bugs they find on his new website, promising to send a five-minute journal as a thank you. He also shares a shoutout to the Purple Heart Program, which helps combat-wounded vets.+
Networking Tips:Jordan shares his tips on how to build a strong network and offers a free course on his website. He emphasizes the importance of networking and wishes he had known these tips earlier in his career.+