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379: How to Deal with a Cheating Dad | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Randolph discusses the evolution of sickness and aging, while Steven shares some fascinating science on how our brains actually process decisions.+

2. Family Challenges

Moving in with family:Jordan talks about his experience of moving in with his brother-in-law temporarily and the challenges of living with someone who has a different lifestyle.+
Searchable Transcripts:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the newly added feature on their website, searchable transcripts, which are human-made and user-friendly. They explain how it took a lot of time and effort to make them accurate and timestamped, but it was worth it for the convenience of their audience.+

3. Transcription Challenges

Transcription Challenges:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of transcribing episodes with difficult dialects and mumbling. They highlight the feat of getting all of this done in the time that they did.+
Dealing with Infidelity:Gabriel seeks advice on how to handle his father's infidelity and verbal abuse towards his mother. Jordan suggests seeking therapy to address the root cause of the issue and not keeping the toxic secret. He also emphasizes that the decision to stay or leave the relationship lies with Gabriel's mother.+

4. Helping Struggling Parents

Helping Parents:Gabriel and Jordan give advice to a listener who is struggling with how to handle their father's infidelity and their mother's emotional burden. They discuss the importance of providing support and figuring out how to help without taking on the responsibility of fixing their parents' marriage.+
Dealing with a Father's Infidelity:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the impact of a father's infidelity on the family and suggest that the listener focus on how their father's decisions are affecting the family as a whole. They also encourage the listener to explore their fear of expressing anger towards their father with a therapist.+
Dealing with Parents:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to deal with parents who are having relationship problems and the importance of setting boundaries to avoid getting sucked into their drama. They share personal stories and offer advice on how to approach the situation while still maintaining a healthy relationship with your family.+

5. Sponsors

Jordan and Sal share tips on why having a website is crucial for businesses and how to avoid hidden fees with mobile banking. They also provide exclusive deals for HostGator and Current.+

6. Side Hustle Dilemma

Side Hustle Dilemma:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the dilemma of a listener who has a successful side hustle but is unsure about leaving his job due to job security concerns and an unreasonable boss. They provide insights on how to approach the situation and make a decision that benefits the listener's career and family.+
Print Shop Stake:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of understanding the value of a stake in a company, and how it should factor into the decision to stay or leave a job. They emphasize the need to differentiate between a real financial stake and a psychic interest, and how the value of a stake can be affected by industry trends.+
Commuting and Side Hustles:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of balancing a long commute with a successful side hustle. They explore the idea of negotiating with employers and offer practical advice on how to manage both commitments.+
Side Hustle Risks:Jordan explains the risks of having a side hustle while being employed, including the possibility of the employer claiming ownership of the invention or business. He advises being cautious and documenting the time and resources used for the side hustle, as well as keeping it on the low. In case of an unreasonable employer, negotiating for more freedom or leaving might be the best option.+

7. Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Climbing the Corporate Ladder:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to move up the corporate ladder and avoid physical burnout in blue-collar jobs. They emphasize the importance of working on the business, not just in the business, and developing expertise beyond one's role.Show transcript +
Building Career Skills:Gabriel shares practical tips on how to develop relationships within and outside the company, and how to study the company in a corporate way to figure out its worth, strengths, and weaknesses. He emphasizes the importance of being humble, curious, and studying the industry trends to develop a valuable point of view.+
Invest in Yourself:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of investing in oneself to achieve career growth. They emphasize the value of gaining experience and skills over simply obtaining degrees or certifications. Jordan shares his father's story of working his way up in the automotive industry through years of experience before pursuing higher education.+
College and Career:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of going to college to move up in a career, even if it's not necessarily for a passion for literature. They also emphasize the importance of being open to different opportunities that may arise when investing in oneself.+

8. Sponsors

Jordan Harbinger talks about the importance of mental health support and introduces Better Help, an online therapy platform that offers licensed professional counselors to help people struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression. He also shares a discount code for listeners to get 10% off their first month.+

9. Mentoring Mindset

Finding Mentees:Gabriel shares his experience and process on finding and developing opportunities for those who are just getting into the game. Jordan advises that mentorship should be more of a filter people in type situation or someone else to be interested in type situation.+
Mentoring Mindset:Jordan and Gabe discuss the importance of finding the right mentee and fostering curiosity in those who express a desire for mentorship. They advise against wasting time on those who aren't interested in building a career and suggest looking for cues from potential mentees before offering guidance.+
Mentoring Motivations:Gabriel asks Jordan about his strong desire to mentor others and the potential underlying motivations behind it. They discuss the importance of introspection for becoming the best mentor possible. The episode also includes a Life Pro Tip on how to get discounts on expensive software.+

10. Outro

Jordan Harbinger recommends two strong episodes with insights into the way our brains work: Randolph Nesse and Steven Johnson. Check out the show notes on for more information.+