Published February 2023 on YouTube

800: Can Therapy Wreck a Background Check? | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Gabriel discuss listener feedback and share highlights from recent interviews with Forrest and Marina, who share their fascinating stories and insights. The Jordan Harbinger Show decodes the wisdom of the world's most fascinating people and turns it into practical advice for listeners.+

2. Milestone Celebration

Jordan and Gabriel celebrate the 800th episode of their podcast, reflecting on the journey and expressing gratitude to their listeners. They also tease some upcoming episodes, including one that deals with intense topics like sexual abuse and pornography.+

3. Confronting Sexual Abuse

Sibling Sexual Abuse:Jordan and Gabriel provide support and empathy to a listener who experienced sibling sexual abuse. They encourage him to seek therapy and assure him that his attraction towards younger women doesn't make him a monster as long as he doesn't act on it.+
Confronting Sibling Sexual Abuse:Brad Watts, a licensed professional counselor, talks about sibling sexual abuse and the importance of confronting abusers. He recommends going to a therapist who's trained in these issues to unpack and resolve them.+
Overcoming Security Clearance Fears:Gabriel and Jordan reassure a listener that seeking therapy for personal issues will not compromise their ability to obtain a security clearance. They provide insights on the security clearance process and encourage the listener to seek help from a therapist with experience treating abuse.+

4. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen discuss the benefits of therapy, including how it can help individuals live a more empowered life. They highlight Better Help, a great option for those who find it difficult to leave their home for therapy sessions.+

5. Job Hunting Struggles

Job Hunting Struggles:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the frustrations of job hunting, particularly the disrespectful behavior of recruiters who ghost candidates after multiple rounds of interviews. They emphasize the importance of basic respect and thoughtful communication in the job hunting process.+
Dealing with Ghosting:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to deal with ghosting during a job search. They provide insights into why recruiters might ghost candidates and how to manage the negative impact it can have on one's confidence. Jordan emphasizes the importance of catching negative thoughts and not investing them with too much meaning.+
Job Hunting Mindset:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of focusing on your energy when job hunting. They encourage listeners to work on their skills and move on from negative experiences with potential employers. Gabriel also suggests listening to a previous episode for tips on getting feedback from employers after an interview.+
Job Search Insights:Gabriel and Jordan discuss how to gather feedback and improve job search skills. They also acknowledge that sometimes job search is just a matter of luck and encourage listeners to keep pushing forward even when things get tough.+
Lack of Empathy:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the lack of empathy in some recruiters who fail to communicate with candidates after multiple interviews. They argue that empathy is essential in the people business, and recruiters who lack it should consider a different line of work.+

6. Family Boundaries

Struggling with Family:In this episode, Gabriel addresses a listener's struggle with setting boundaries with her abusive and neglectful parents. He offers insights on co-dependency and how to limit contact with toxic family members while still maintaining a healthy relationship with them.+
Managing Narcissistic Parents:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the challenges of growing up with narcissistic parents and the impact it has on children. They highlight the importance of setting boundaries and managing codependency to maintain healthy relationships with family members.+
Caring for Abusive Parents:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the difficult situation of caring for abusive parents, exploring the confusion and lack of clear answers that come with it. They emphasize the importance of tolerating the confusion and finding a way to move forward that feels healthy and fair.+
Caring for Aging Parents:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the emotional burden of caring for aging parents and the importance of reassessing one's involvement when it becomes too much. They also highlight the role of other family members, particularly the mother, in providing support.+
Drawing Boundaries:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of drawing boundaries with family, particularly when it comes to balancing self-protection with respect for parents. They explore the common feelings of guilt and anger that arise, as well as the paradoxical desire to be needed while also wanting to break free from a role that comes at a cost.+
Setting Boundaries:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of setting boundaries with family members, even if it means sacrificing a part of your identity. They emphasize that being firm and loving, while still protecting yourself, is possible.+
Family Caretaking:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the challenges of caretaking for family members and offer advice on how to balance caring for loved ones while also prioritizing one's own needs. They emphasize the importance of open communication with family members and setting boundaries to prevent burnout.+
Finding Balance:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of setting emotional boundaries with toxic family members and finding a balance between maintaining a relationship and taking care of oneself. They offer advice on how to be in touch with all of the feelings and still be in a relationship with family members.+

7. Sponsors

Jordan discusses how to make a lasting impression with Hyundai's Essential Skills series. He shares common advice and offers unique ways to make yourself unforgettable in any situation.+

8. Unforgettable Authenticity

Being Unforgettable:Jordan shares the core principles that make a person unforgettable, starting with the importance of authenticity. Being authentically yourself is a singular gift that creates a lasting impression with others. It's a competitive advantage that we all have, and it's precisely what makes it so powerful.+
Authenticity Attracts:Jordan discusses how authenticity is inherently attractive and how it can transform less than perfect qualities into endearing ones. Authenticity is often more memorable in settings that don't usually reward it, like the workplace or first dates, making authentic people stick out and stick around in our memory.+

9. Sponsors

Jordan reminds listeners to support sponsors of the show and continues with answering feedback questions.+

10. Finding Freedom Abroad

Finding Love:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the pressure to be in a relationship and the feeling of missing out. They remind listeners that everyone is on their own timeline and that rejection is a common experience. They offer tips on how to move past insecurities and put yourself out there.+
Finding Freedom Abroad:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the freedom that comes with traveling abroad and how it can be a powerful tool for personal growth. They encourage listeners to let go of expectations and focus on learning about themselves and others while exploring new places and meeting new people.+
Overcoming Fear:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the fear of rejection and how to overcome it in dating. They share personal experiences and offer advice on how to build confidence and take action.+
Lean into Insecurities:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of leaning into insecurities and taking risks to grow personally. They encourage listeners to put themselves in uncomfortable situations and approach people to gain experience and confidence.+

11. Adventure Travel Tips

Dream Honeymoon:Jordan and Gabriel advise a listener on planning their dream honeymoon, discussing the pros and cons of going on an African safari versus a more traditional honeymoon destination. Jordan encourages the listener to follow their childhood dream and book the trip to Africa.+
Adventure Travel:Jordan and Gabriel encourage listeners to embrace adventure travel and step out of their comfort zones. They discuss the benefits of taking risks and experiencing new things, and offer tips for staying safe while exploring the world.+

12. Outro

Adventure Planning:Jordan shares some of his past episodes on overcoming travel anxiety and planning an awesome trip. He also encourages listeners to have a full range of experiences and to build relationships before they need them.+
Podcast Sponsorship:Jordan shares information about the podcast's sponsors and advertisers, including Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen, a podcast that offers rare insight into politics and features guests from media and politics.+