Published February 2020 on YouTube

315: Admiral William H. McRaven | That's So McRaven

1. Introduction

Jordan talks to Admiral William McRaven about the mindsets and intensity it takes to succeed in the Navy SEALs and other special operations forces. McRaven shares insights on leadership and what it takes to plan and execute a mission like the one that took out Osama bin Laden.+

2. Achieving Success

Early Scuba Diving:Admiral William shares how he started scuba diving at the age of 13 after being inspired by Frenchman Jacques Cousteau. Despite regulations being a little looser back then, he was fascinated with everything that had to do with life underwater and the Aqualung.+
Achieving Success:Admiral William talks about his childhood, growing up with sisters who toughened him up, and how sports helped him develop a competitive edge. He also shares how he wasn't always a straight-A student, but he worked hard at whatever he did and focused on outworking his peers.+
Taking it One Evolution at a Time:Admiral William shares his experience of going through Navy SEAL training and how taking it one evolution at a time helped him succeed. He also talks about the importance of setting goals but not getting too fixated on them.+

3. Flexible Goal-Setting

Flexible Goal-Setting:Admiral William McRaven emphasizes the importance of setting realistic and flexible goals in life. Jordan Harbinger shares a story of a friend who struggled with rigid goal-setting and the negative consequences it had on his life.+
Spotting Opportunities:Admiral William talks about how he spotted opportunities in his career and took risks to succeed. He advises that taking on challenging jobs and being a riverboat gambler can lead to success even if you don't always succeed.+

4. Building a Better Team

Admiral William McRaven shares insights on how to become a better leader by focusing on servant leadership and making the team better. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing and utilizing the strengths of each team member to create a successful team.+

5. Sponsors

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6. Building Ethical Business

Building Ethical Business:Admiral William McRaven discusses how businesses can create a culture of servant leadership and build a strong ethical foundation. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on the mission and the team before the individual and how this will lead to a financially strong business. Jordan Harbinger shares his personal experience of slow growth with integrity and how it was the better play in the long term.+
Career Challenges:Admiral William McRaven shares his experience of facing career challenges and how he overcame them. He talks about the importance of sticking to a career path and taking up challenging jobs that others may not want to do. He also highlights the benefits of switching jobs every few years to stay reenergized.+

7. Military Millennials

Millennials in the Military:Admiral William McRaven shares his admiration for the millennial generation and their contributions to the military. He praises their hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, and activism, and believes they will be considered this century's greatest generation.+
Bin Laden Raid Insights:Admiral William McRaven shares his experience commanding the mission that led to the death of Osama bin Laden. He discusses the risks involved and the magnitude of being able to bring bin Laden to justice, as well as the teamwork involved in the mission.+

8. Completing the Mission

Admiral McRaven discusses his experience leading the mission to capture Osama bin Laden, emphasizing the importance of situational awareness and staying focused on completing the mission despite unexpected obstacles.+

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12. Mission Mindset

Mission Autonomy:Admiral William McRaven discusses the level of autonomy his team had during the mission and how he trusted their training and decision-making abilities. He also talks about the point of no return and how he would have been comfortable relying on the team to finish the mission without his input.+
Winning Mindset:Admiral William McRaven shares a story from the movie Hoosiers to motivate his team before a mission. He reminds them that it's just another game and not to let the magnitude of the situation change the way they do business. The key takeaway is to approach challenges with the same mindset and motivation as you have before.+
Publicized Missions:Admiral William McRaven discusses the anxiety and heroism involved in publicized missions, such as the bin Laden mission, and highlights the courage and determination of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.+

13. National Security Threats

North Korea's Threat:Admiral William McRaven discusses the threat that North Korea poses to national security due to the instability of its leader, Kim Jong-un, and the difficulty in predicting his reactions. He also highlights the potential catastrophic consequences of a miscalculation in dealing with North Korea, especially for those living in South Korea.Show transcript +
Military Diversity:Admiral William McRaven discusses the military-civilian divide and the importance of diversity in the military. He also shares his thoughts on policy changes for transgender soldiers and emphasizes the need for good order and discipline in the military.+

14. Media and Democracy

Admiral William McRaven discusses the importance of the media in holding leaders accountable and the responsibility of reporters to report factually and without bias. He also expresses his admiration for the millennial generation and their potential to take America to new heights.+

15. Outro

Jordan Harbinger shares insights on the importance of building relationships and offers a free course on networking. He emphasizes the need to dig the well before getting thirsty and encourages listeners to apply what they learn on the show.+