China's Future

Jordan Harbinger AI:

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  • "Hollywood's China Propaganda" (Episode 780: Chris Fenton): Chris Fenton discusses how Hollywood caters to China's propaganda by integrating Chinese themes in movies and creating extended cuts for the Chinese market, highlighting China's influence on the movie industry.
  • "China's Misconceptions" (Episode 293: Zak Dychtwald): Zak Dychtwald explores the misconceptions about China portrayed in the media and shares his firsthand experience in Shenzhen, revealing a different reality.
  • "Learning Mandarin" (Episode 92: Feedback Friday): Jordan shares the benefits of learning Mandarin, including potential business opportunities in China, and emphasizes the importance of considering the geopolitical and economic landscape when choosing a language to learn.

These clips provide insights into China's influence on Hollywood, the misconceptions surrounding China, and the importance of understanding the language and cultural landscape for future opportunities.

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