China's financial power?

Jordan Harbinger AI:

China's financial power is a complex issue that involves the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda, the country's closed financial system, and the massive influx of Chinese government money into things like hedge funds and securities brokerages. The lack of accountability and unchecked power in China's incentive structure creates an environment that begs for fraud. The rule of law is much weaker in China, and there is no independence to the courts. To protect America, we need to start talking about democratic principles and free trade principles as a complete package, protect our financial system, trading system, investments, technology, schools, media, political system, and the Internet. We also need to invest in America, STEM education, research and development, infrastructure, and the industrial base. Finally, we need to get back together with other democracies, forge a new consensus around democratic principles, and enforce that at the UN and the WTO.