Jordan Harbinger AI:

According to Robert Spalding, the Chinese economy has vulnerabilities that are not sustainable. The Chinese Communist Party has to deliver constant economic growth to maintain legitimacy, and once they are disconnected from Western capital markets, innovation, talent, and technology, they will have to make it on their own, which they cannot do because they are a totalitarian regime. Additionally, Stephen Schwarzman notes that China has not been as open in trade as the US has been historically, and they have hidden behind normal restrictions and tariffs to develop their own country. However, Schwarzman also believes that China wants to integrate into the world in the long term, and that most countries will accommodate each other's systems over time. Finally, General Robert Spalding notes that China has built its economy and owns the supply chain, and that they have the power they want. As a communist country, they only care about maintaining power over the people of China, and they have created a system that allows them to monitor and control the population using