Jordan Harbinger AI:

Here are some relevant clips on entrepreneurship:

  • "The Entrepreneurial Spirit" (Episode 404: Guy Raz | How I Built This): Guy and I discuss the importance of entrepreneurship in driving innovation and how immigrants often come to the US to build their own businesses.

  • "Entrepreneurship Roller Coaster" (Episode 229: Cameron Herold | Making the Most of Your Bipolar Superpowers): Cameron and I explore the similarities between entrepreneurship and bipolar disorder, with entrepreneurs often exhibiting traits from the bipolar disorder list.

  • "Entrepreneurial Mindset" (Episode 184: Naveen Jain | How Moonshot Thinking Will Save the World): Naveen Jain emphasizes that entrepreneurship is about solving problems and that anyone can be an entrepreneur by joining a cause and focusing on solving a problem.

I hope you find these clips insightful and inspiring on your entrepreneurial journey!