Evolutionary Psychology

Jordan Harbinger AI:

Here are some clips related to evolutionary psychology:

  • "Evolutionary Mating Psychology" from episode 123 with David Buss: Dr. Buss explains how understanding human mating psychology gives a leg up in the mating game and how cultural variability is explained on the basis of our underlying evolutionary psychology.
  • "Evolutionary Insights" from episode 123 with David Buss: Dr. Buss discusses the impact of dating apps on our brain and how they work, along with insights into the human mating mind from an evolutionary psychology standpoint.
  • "The Upside of Psychopathy" from episode 777 with Kevin Dutton: Jordan discusses the evolutionary advantages of psychopathy and how it's not the only genetic malady with an upside.

These clips provide insights into how our evolutionary psychology affects our behavior and decision-making, particularly in the realm of mating and relationships. The clips also touch on the impact of modern technology, such as dating apps, on our evolutionary psychology.