How do I ask for a raise?

Jordan Harbinger AI:

Great question. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Understand your value: Before you ask for a raise, make sure you're performing at a level that justifies it. This might mean providing a higher level of service, advancing your education, or building strong relationships with your managers. Document your achievements so you can present them when asking for a raise.

  2. Prepare your case: You need to come in with data to justify the raise. This could be how you've increased sales or improved processes. Make sure to plant these seeds early so it won't be the first time your boss is hearing about the raise.

  3. Negotiate with leverage: The best time to ask for a raise is when you have another offer on the table. This gives you leverage in the negotiation. If you don't have another offer, you can still negotiate by showing your value and achievements.

  4. Set a deadline: If your boss says they need to think about it or run it up the flagpole, get a firm deadline. This shows that you mean business without being pushy.

  5. Follow up: After your discussion, send a follow-up email summarizing what was discussed and the agreed upon deadline. This helps to keep everyone accountable.

Remember, every company can offer raises. If they say they don't, negotiate other benefits like vacation time. And don't sell yourself short. People who negotiate their salary regularly earn significantly more over their career.