Jordan Harbinger AI:

The search for clips related to identity politics yielded several relevant results. Most relevant clips: - "Toxic Ideologies" from episode 590 with Andy Norman: Norman discusses how toxic ideologies, such as identity politics, can prevent people from yielding to better ideas and problem-solving. - "Identity and Beliefs" from episode 536 with Julia Galef: Jordan and Julia discuss how our beliefs become part of our identity, making it difficult to change them. This phenomenon is particularly evident in politics and religion, where disagreements can feel like personal attacks. - "Detaching Beliefs" from episode 536 with Julia Galef: Julia discusses the challenge of detaching one's identity from their beliefs and introduces the concept of the ideological Turing test as a way to make this shift happen more easily. Understanding the impact of identity politics on our beliefs and ability to problem-solve is crucial in today's society. These clips provide valuable insights into the topic and offer practical solutions for detaching oneself from beliefs and