Salary Negotiation

Jordan Harbinger AI:

Here are some clips that can help you with salary negotiation:

  • "Salary Negotiations" from episode 281: Jason seeks advice on how to negotiate a salary increase with his new boss after his previous boss left the company. They discuss strategies and realistic salary increase percentages, taking into account cultural differences in Switzerland.
  • "Nailing the Negotiation" from episode 464: Ramit Sethi shares his insights on how to nail the negotiation by having scripted answers for interview questions, knowing your numbers, and making necessary concessions. He emphasizes that negotiations are not adversarial and should be a sophisticated social dance.
  • "Negotiating Your Worth" from episode 230: Jordan emphasizes that negotiating your salary or benefits is not opportunistic. Companies count on you to feel awkward about doing this, but you should not think twice about asking for what another company is willing to pay you for the exact same thing.

Remember to be confident and prepared when negotiating your salary, and don't be afraid to ask for