What can we expect from China?

Jordan Harbinger AI:

Based on my conversations with experts like Bradley Schurman and Peter Zeihan, we can expect significant changes in China.

Firstly, China is facing a major demographic shift. According to Schurman, China could lose 100 to 200 million people in the next 20 years, and potentially up to 700 to 800 million by the end of the century. This population decline could destabilize the economy and impact China's ability to compete globally.

Secondly, China's economic functionality, which is heavily dependent on globalization and a demographic moment that has passed, is under threat. As Zeihan pointed out, China might not survive as a country, much less as an economy, in the new world order.

Lastly, the relationship between China and the US is uncertain, as Stephen Schwarzman noted. The pandemic, social justice issues, and political differences have all complicated this relationship, making it difficult to predict exactly where it's headed.

In summary, China is facing significant demographic, economic, and geopolitical challenges that could reshape its future in profound ways.