Published November 2023 on YouTube

5 Reasons Why MORE People Are Getting More Fit Than Ever | Mind Pump 2197

1. Positive Fitness Changes

Positive Changes in Fitness:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the positive changes that have occurred in the fitness industry over the years. They reflect on their experiences and highlight five key improvements, emphasizing the need to focus on the good amidst the industry's challenges.+
Evolving Fitness Industry:Sal and Justin discuss the ever-changing fitness industry and the challenges of marketing in a world filled with information overload. They emphasize the importance of long-form content for a deeper understanding of fitness and health.+

2. 1 - Strength training is popular (especially for women).

The Evolution of Strength Training:Adam and Sal discuss the positive evolution of strength training, particularly in women's fitness. They reflect on the past when women were less involved in strength training and highlight the shift towards inclusivity and acceptance. The popularity of strength training has led to the creation of new terms like "muscle mommy" and a greater emphasis on building muscle.+
Strength Training Revolution:Sal and Adam discuss the evolution of strength training and how it has become more popular and recommended for both men and women. They highlight the numerous health benefits of strength training, including improved bone density, longevity, blood glucose levels, and brain health. They predict that strength training will soon be the primary form of exercise recommended for overall health improvement.+

3. 2 - More people squatting and deadlifting.

The Resurgence of Squatting and Deadlifting:Adam and Sal discuss the growing popularity of squatting and deadlifting in gyms, reflecting on their own experiences as trainers and the scarcity of squat racks in the past. They highlight the shift in perception and the importance of these exercises in fitness routines.+
The Unpopularity of Squatting and Deadlifting:Discover the surprising history of squatting and deadlifting in gyms, from being unpopular and misunderstood to becoming essential exercises. The hosts discuss the lack of knowledge and equipment available, and credit CrossFit for bringing these valuable exercises back into the mainstream.+
Impact of CrossFit:CrossFit had a significant impact on the popularity of free weight exercises like squatting and deadlifting. It also played a role in changing the perception of women in strength training, showcasing their abilities and attracting more women to the gym.+

4. 3 - New media takes out the old guard.

The Power of New Media:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss how new media has revolutionized the fitness industry, allowing for more voices and information to be accessible to everyone. They explore the positives and negatives of social media and how it has transformed the traditional gatekeepers of fitness knowledge.+
The Power of Open Speech:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the benefits of social media and open speech, highlighting how it allows for competition, diversification, and access to free information. They emphasize how this has transformed the fitness industry and empowered consumers to make informed choices.+

5. 4 – Wearable fitness & health tech.

Revolutionizing Fitness Tech:Discover how wearable and health tech have revolutionized the way we track and approach fitness. From calorie counting to activity monitoring, these advancements have provided valuable insights into our daily habits and changed the game for trainers and individuals alike.+
The Power of Wearables:Adam and Justin discuss the value of wearables in providing valuable data insights for both individuals and coaches, allowing for a better understanding of one's body and the ability to make more informed decisions about diet and exercise.+
Unlocking Sleep Secrets:Discover the impact of lifestyle changes on sleep quality and how small adjustments can lead to significant improvements in sleep scores. Explore the connection between sleep, workouts, productivity, and overall results, all backed by real-time data.+

6. 5 - Functional training awareness.

Functional Training Trends:Sal and Justin discuss the evolution of functional training, from its initial trendiness to its current acceptance as a valuable approach to fitness. They explore the impact of CrossFit on the perception of functional exercises and emphasize the importance of training for real-world mobility and movement.+
Functional Training Evolution:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the evolution of functional training, from its initial value to its eventual bastardization and circus-like atmosphere in gyms. They reflect on how trainers capitalized on the curiosity surrounding unique exercises and the subsequent shift back to a more balanced approach.+
Integrating New Fitness Trends:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the integration of new fitness trends and how they have positively impacted the fitness industry. They emphasize the importance of balance and proper programming, highlighting the value of functional training and the opening up of gym floor spaces. The hosts believe that these changes are here to stay and will continue to move in a positive direction.+