Published November 2023 on YouTube

5 Ways To Workout To Improve Your Holiday Season | Mind Pump 2202

1. Intro

Discover how to stay fit during the holiday season and even improve your shape while still enjoying time with your loved ones. Learn valuable insights and tips from Sal, Adam, and Justin on navigating the holidays without sacrificing your fitness goals.+

2. The value of the holidays. ()

Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the shift they've noticed in fitness influencers' messaging about the holidays and the importance of connecting with family. They explore how exercise can enhance the holiday experience and share strategies for minimizing the potential damage of holiday indulgences. Consistency leading up to the holidays is key, making the season less stressful and more enjoyable.+

3. 1 - Consistency trumps everything. ()

Consistency and Accessibility:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of staying consistent with workouts during the holidays and how to overcome the challenge of limited access to equipment or a gym. They emphasize the need for planning and flexibility in order to maintain a workout routine regardless of the circumstances.+
Novel Stimulus Benefits:Justin and Sal discuss the benefits of incorporating novel stimulus into their training routines during holidays and vacations. They explain how using suspension trainers, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises can provide convenience and a fresh challenge to their workouts.+
Bodyweight Training Benefits:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the benefits of bodyweight training and how it became popular during COVID-19. They emphasize that bodyweight training is not just for beginners and can be challenging for advanced individuals as well. They also introduce their at-home holiday bundle, which includes bodyweight training programs.+

4. 2 - Short hard workouts for insulin.

Beat Post-Meal Lethargy:Discover how a short, intense workout before or after a big meal can help you avoid post-meal lethargy and crashes caused by blood sugar spikes. Sal shares his personal experience and explains the science behind it, offering a simple hack to enjoy holiday meals without feeling tired or irritable.+
Post-Meal Movement:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the benefits of going for a walk after a big meal. They explain how movement can aid digestion, stabilize blood sugar levels, and increase insulin sensitivity. Incorporating a short, intense workout before the meal can further enhance these effects.+

5. 3 - Closed chain movements for putting you “in” your body.

Holiday Mind-Body Connection:Discover the power of workouts in staying present during the holiday season. Sal shares insights on how closed chain movements can help you connect with your body, fostering meaningful connections with loved ones.+
Connecting Mind and Body:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the importance of feeling connected to your body during exercise and everyday life. They explore the benefits of closed chain exercises and how they can enhance the mind-body connection. They also touch on the idea of eliminating distractions, such as phones, to further enhance presence and connection with loved ones.+

6. 4 - Workout with your family and friends.

Holiday Workout Connections:Sal shares his hack for the holidays: scheduling workouts with family members. It's a chance to connect, have fun, and share his expertise while getting in a workout. Adam and Justin also discuss their experiences with introducing unconventional tools to their own families, sparking interest and creating lasting connections.+
Fun Family Workouts:Justin and Sal discuss how incorporating fun workouts with family can strengthen bonds and positively influence loved ones' fitness habits. They share ideas for simple equipment and exercises that can be done anywhere, emphasizing the importance of connection and enjoyment over intensity.+

7. 5 - Mobility movements after meals.

Sal and Justin discuss the benefits of doing mobility movements after a meal, including bringing down insulin and sugar levels, aiding digestion, and relieving hip and low back pain. They emphasize the importance of staying active after eating and share their favorite priming movements for immediate relief.+