Published November 2023 on YouTube

Modern Dating & Building Lasting Relationships | Adam Lane Smith 2205

1. Intro

Dive into the complexities of modern dating as Adam Lane Smith discusses why dating in today's world can be challenging, the pitfalls of dating apps, and how to navigate the dating scene with wisdom and success.+

2. Transforming Dating Attachment

Discover how your attachment style impacts your dating life and learn practical steps to create an incredible dating experience. Say goodbye to feeling stuck or alone as Adam shares insights on making dating work for you.+

3. Topics covered in this segment.

Discover why modern dating is challenging and why dating apps may not be the best method. Learn how to use apps wisely and effectively, as well as alternative methods for finding a great match. Explore the three-date method that filters out incompatible partners and attracts strong matches. Gain insights into navigating the first year of a relationship and avoiding potential pitfalls.+

4. Rebuilding Our Culture

Rebuilding Our Culture:Adam discusses the decline of our culture and the impact it has on families and relationships. He highlights the role of media in perpetuating fear and disconnect, and offers insights on how to rebuild and connect in a disconnected world.+
The Challenges of Dating:Explore the insecurities and fears that come with modern dating, where everyone is trying to find the perfect match in a culture that feels disconnected. Discover why the constant pressure to be interesting and stimulating is misguided and learn what truly matters in building a lasting relationship.+
The Power of Authenticity:Discover the dangers of seeking validation, the pressure to be interesting, and the allure of social media fame. Adam explores how insecurity drives people to compromise their values and the impact it has on relationships and self-worth.+
Building Sustainable Relationships:Adam shares a better method for dating that is sustainable and doesn't victimize insecure women, addressing the concerns of those who follow the Red Pill ideology.+
Fear and Misconceptions:Adam discusses the fear of giving men control and the misconception that all women are gold diggers or prostitutes. He also addresses the fear of legal and financial destruction in relationships, highlighting the problems faced by men in family court and divorce settlements.+

5. Why dating apps are bad.

Changing Landscape of Dating:Adam discusses the shift in how people meet their partners, with dating apps now being the dominant method. He explores the reasons behind this change and the drawbacks of relying solely on looks and online profiles for connections.+
Dating App Struggles:Adam discusses the challenges women face on dating apps, from being bombarded with messages to the overwhelming gender ratio. He highlights the need for men to stand out and stimulate interest in a meaningful way, rather than simply popping out with a fish photo.+
The Pitfalls of Dating Apps:Discover the dark side of dating apps as Adam Lane Smith explores how avoidant attachment styles and anxiously attached individuals navigate the world of online dating, leading to hurt and disappointment.+
The Dating App Dilemma:Adam discusses the impact of dating apps on modern society, highlighting the potential for radicalization and the importance of using these tools wisely. He shares personal anecdotes of successful relationships formed through dating apps and offers tips for navigating the dating world both online and offline.+

6. Assisted Matchmaking

Assisted Matchmaking:Discover how assisted matchmaking can help you find the right partner by providing valuable data and insights into potential matches, allowing you to make informed decisions about your romantic future.+
Building a Strong Dating Network:Learn why having a strong dating network is crucial for both men and women. Discover how social pressure can foster respect and honesty, ensuring a safer dating experience. Find out why your network is a predictor of your relationship potential and how it can impact your dating success.+
Building Social Networks:Learn how building a strong social network can greatly improve your dating life. Discover the benefits of group dates and how they can provide valuable insights into potential partners.+

7. The art of matchmaking.

Learn how to navigate the dating scene with effective strategies. Discover the power of matchmaking and building a strong network, and gain insights on finding good matches on dating apps.+

8. Improving Your Dating App Experience

Learn how to avoid common dating app mistakes and improve your chances of finding quality matches. Adam shares insights on terrible dating photos and vague bios, and provides a four-step method for a better dating app experience.+

9. Dress for Success

Dress Nicely, Look Decent:Adam advises women to dress nicely and professionally in their dating app photos, suggesting they dress the way they would for a special occasion or a family dinner. By presenting themselves well, they can attract the right kind of attention and show potential partners what they can expect from a girlfriend and future wife.+
Long Term Committed Relationships:Adam discusses the importance of stating your desire for a long term committed relationship in both dating profiles and job listings, emphasizing how it filters out those who are not looking for the same. He also advises showing stability and consistency in your bio to attract potential partners.+
Finding the Right Partner:Adam shares valuable insights on how to identify and communicate your relationship expectations and desires in a partner. By being clear about your values and intentions, you can attract more compatible and high-value individuals on dating apps.+

10. The 3-date method for filtering your potential partner.

Successful First Dates:Adam shares his method for successful first dates, emphasizing the importance of compatibility and establishing shared goals early on.+
Navigating Early Dates:Adam Lane Smith shares his insights on how to navigate early dates, emphasizing the importance of having important conversations at the end of the first date and sharing meaningful stories on the second date to establish compatibility and avoid potential red flags.+
Building Compatibility:Adam discusses the importance of sharing personal values and goals in building compatibility with a potential partner. By listening to their stories and comparing values, you can determine if you are truly compatible. The third date is about mutual acceptance and sharing concerns, building trust and understanding.+
Building Honest Relationships:Adam opens up about his past struggles with connecting and being open in relationships, sharing his journey of personal growth and commitment. He emphasizes the importance of open communication and invites his partner to call him out on any red flags, turning them into opportunities for growth and understanding.+
Filtering for Committed Relationships:Adam shares a method for filtering out potential partners who don't want a committed relationship. He discusses red flags to watch out for, the importance of mutual acceptance and ownership of problems, and how to confidently ask for exclusivity.+

11. Courting vs. dating.

Adam discusses the importance of being upfront about wanting a committed relationship on the first date, debunking the myth that it scares people away. He emphasizes the need to filter potential partners based on their compatibility and desire for commitment. Adam also explains the purpose of the first year in a relationship, which is to challenge and strengthen the bond between partners.+

12. Building Strong Relationships

Building Strong Relationships:Adam emphasizes the importance of addressing red flags in relationships, discussing topics like having kids and marriage within the first year. He encourages open and honest communication to avoid future conflicts and ensure both partners are on the same page.+
Building a Strong Marriage:Adam discusses the importance of open communication and compatibility in a marriage, including topics like sex and conflict resolution. He emphasizes the need for clear communication of needs and wants, as well as working together as a team to solve problems.+
Building a Business Relationship:Adam shares an advanced tip on treating marriage or committed relationships like a business partnership. He emphasizes the importance of approaching it with a co-founder mentality, filtering compatibility, and building something long-term together.+

13. Building an Incredible Marriage

Adam Lane Smith shares insights on how to build and maintain an incredible marriage that will last a lifetime. Learn valuable tips and strategies to improve your attachment and create a wonderful relationship. Don't miss out on this episode filled with key statements and practical advice.+