Published November 2022 on YouTube

This Exercise Hack Will Help You BUILD MORE MUSCLE | Mind Pump 1949

1. Intro

Doug and Sal discuss the benefits of incorporating powerlifting exercises into your workout routine, even for non-powerlifting exercises like pull-ups and dips. They explain how training like a powerlifter can help you get stronger and achieve your fitness goals.+

2. Strength Techniques & Open-mindedness

Powerlifting Techniques:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the benefits of applying powerlifting techniques to non-traditional powerlifting exercises such as pull-ups and dips. By doing heavy singles, doubles, and triples with long rest periods, you can build tremendous strength and get great gains. These techniques can be used to load your body substantially and get the strength benefits from bodyweight exercises.+
Explosive Olympic Lifts:Adam and Sal discuss the benefits of explosive Olympic lifts and how to apply Olympic principles to non-Olympic lifts. They share their experiences with hang clean to push presses and how adding bands to the bar can help with acceleration.+
Open-mindedness in Fitness:Sal shares his childhood fascination with martial arts and how the UFC changed the game by showing that borrowing techniques from various styles can make someone a better fighter. He encourages listeners to apply this same open-mindedness to fitness and strength training, as there is a lot to learn from powerlifters, bodybuilders, and other disciplines.+
Learning from Success:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of learning from successful people, even if you don't like their personality or style. They share how they applied this mindset when starting Mind Pump and how they strive to sell the right idea better than those who sell false promises in the fitness industry.+

3. Human Nature Manipulation

Human Nature Manipulation:Sal and Adam discuss how human nature can be easily manipulated to create division and hate towards others who think differently. They use the analogy of ants in a jar to illustrate how external factors can cause individuals to turn on each other.+
Selective Outrage:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss how selective outrage and manipulation are dividing our society. They talk about how people are quick to take sides and defend everything their party does, instead of being objective and analyzing each policy separately. They also touch on how manipulation is used to push people to vote or buy products.+
Political Games:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the political games played by both sides of the aisle, highlighting how they tend to work together when a third party rises up. They also draw comparisons to the cola wars of the 80s and how competition can be used to gain market share.+

4. TikTok Ban Debate

TikTok Ban Debate:Sal and Adam discuss the recent controversy surrounding TikTok and the proposed ban by the FCC. Sal believes it is a smart move due to TikTok's ownership by the Communist Party of China and the potential for manipulation and tracking. Justin adds that we should assess the cultural impact of TikTok on kids and whether it promotes good or bad behavior.+
TikTok Regulation Fallout:Adam and the team discuss the potential fallout from the regulation of TikTok and the possibility of a new social media platform emerging to fill the void. They also discuss the potential for Twitter to become the new platform of choice with the introduction of Vine-like features.+
TikTok's Ultimate Attention Platform:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss how TikTok has become the ultimate attention platform for social media stars and how it's easier to get seen and promote your content on the app. However, they also discuss the fallacy of thinking that going viral automatically generates revenue and how the next couple of years will expose those who were lucky versus those who built their success legitimately.+

5. Hormone Therapy Insights

Hormone Replacement Therapy:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the growing business of hormone replacement therapy in the medical industry, particularly testosterone replacement for men. They highlight the negative health effects of low testosterone levels and predict that insurance will start covering this therapy as it becomes more ubiquitous.+
Fertility Crisis:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the fertility crisis affecting both men and women. They predict that hormone replacement therapy will become a popular treatment option for men with low testosterone, similar to how the medical marijuana industry has grown. However, they emphasize the importance of naturally good testosterone and holistic health as the ideal solutions.+
Peptides and Hormones:Sal and Adam discuss the use of peptides and hormones in the body, and the potential risks and benefits. They caution against using peptides without doctor supervision and clarify that hormones are made up of chains of amino acids.+
Muscle Building Hormone:Sal talks about a hormone called ghrelin and how it stimulates appetite and muscle growth. He shares his experience taking MK six seven seven, an oral supplement that mimics ghrelin and raises growth hormone levels, causing an increase in appetite and muscle building effects.+
Peptides and Muscle Growth:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the use of peptides for muscle growth, including their effectiveness for hard gainers and potential side effects like increased appetite and nausea. They also touch on the differences between endogenous and exogenous hormone use.+

6. Organifi Peak Power is here!

Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss a viral TikTok video of a girl farting during tickling. They also talk about their new supplement, Peak Power, and Sal's excitement for people to try it.+

7. NyQuil and Pre-Workout

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the benefits and drawbacks of taking NyQuil when sick and the importance of balancing pre-workout supplements with overall health. They also touch on the importance of supplementing with NAC or Glutathione when taking acetaminophen.+

8. Sleep Risks and Alcohol

Sleep Risks:Sal shares the risks of getting less than 7 hours of sleep, including a higher likelihood of chronic diseases and mortality. The hosts also discuss the impact of alcohol on sleep quality, with even one drink reducing the quality of sleep.+
Alcohol and Sleep:Adam and Sal discuss how even moderate amounts of alcohol can disrupt sleep quality by up to 24 percent. They also talk about the negative effects of acetaldehyde on the body and recommend a genetically modified probiotic to help break it down.+

9. Hamstring Injuries and Athletic Training

Hamstring Injuries:Aaron, a freshman in college, calls in to ask if genetically short hamstring insertions could be causing his recurring hamstring injuries. The hosts explain that hamstring injuries are common among sprinters due to an imbalance between the dominant quads and weaker hamstrings. They suggest working on lateral stability and single leg exercises to improve hamstring strength and prevent future injuries.+
Multiplaner Training:Justin and Sal explain the importance of multiplaner training for athletic performance and injury prevention. They discuss the limitations of traditional strength training and the benefits of explosive, reactive movements in different planes of motion. They recommend Maps Performance and Maps Symmetry as programs to address these issues.+
Sprinting and Strength Training:The hosts discuss the importance of warm-ups and the balance between hypertrophy and athletic training. They suggest using dynamic exercises and recommend the Maps 15 program for explosive training.+
Strength vs. Explosiveness:Sal explains to a young guest that strength training once a week is enough when training for explosive sports like sprinting to reduce injury risk. He uses a car analogy to explain that adding too much horsepower without reinforcing the stabilizers can cause damage. The hosts discuss the higher risk of injury for those who are strong but lack explosiveness, and how it's like giving a new driver a high-powered car without proper training.+

10. Forearm Pain and Prevention

Rice Bucket Training:Robert, a powerlifter, calls in to ask about rice bucket training to help with his weak hands due to golfers elbow and tennis elbow. The hosts explain what rice bucket training is and how it can help with hand, finger, and wrist strength. However, they suggest that Robert's issue may be inflammation and recommend deep tissue massage on his forearms.+
Forearm Pain Relief:Sal and Adam discuss how to relieve forearm pain caused by overworking the muscles. They recommend deep tissue massage, addressing wrist and shoulder mobility, and implementing exercises like wrist cars and zotman curls to strengthen the forearm extensors.+
Preventing Muscle Pain:Adam and the guest discuss the importance of mobility and priming exercises in preventing muscle pain. They share personal experiences with massages and using tools like wrist wraps, and recommend doing priming exercises both before and after workouts.+
Heavy lifting and unilateral training:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the importance of incorporating wrist cars into a deadlift routine and the benefits of taking a break from heavy powerlifting to focus on unilateral training. They also remind a guest to follow through on a previous program they recommended for symmetry.+

11. Muscle Building Tips

Building Muscle:The hosts advise a listener on how to build muscle while using Anabolic. They suggest increasing calorie intake by a small amount to fuel strength and muscle gains.+
Building Muscle:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of caloric intake for muscle gain and the limitations of intuitive eating in achieving this goal. They recommend adding 200-300 calories and tracking macros while using the Anabolic program. Sal also suggests the Maps Strong and Symmetry programs as follow-ups.+
Tracking for Specific Goals:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss how intuitive eating can be great for general health, but tracking is necessary when trying to achieve specific body goals such as building muscle or reducing body fat. They emphasize the importance of recalibrating and tracking for a period of time to get an idea of where you need to be in order to hit those goals.+
Intuitive Eating:Sal and Adam discuss the concept of intuitive eating and how it requires discipline and knowledge to be effective. They also address the limitations of extreme diets and the importance of incremental progress in achieving long-term success in fitness and health.+

12. Recovery and Deloading

Taking Time Off:Sebastian from Nova Scotia asks the hosts about taking time off from exercising. Sal explains that taking time off doesn't necessarily mean doing nothing, but rather reducing intensity to allow the body to recover.+
Exercise Recovery:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of movement in exercise recovery. They suggest focusing on mobility and stretching, and going down to 30% of the weight used before to work on full range of motion. They also emphasize the importance of still moving the body to facilitate recovery.+
Fitness Deloading:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of deloading and how it can help with recovery. They recommend a program that involves only 15-25 minutes of exercise a day to help with deloading and recovery.+
Active Recovery:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of active recovery and how it can help with the recovery process. They emphasize the need to continue moving, even at a reduced intensity, to maintain blood flow and prevent muscle loss. They also touch on the benefits of phasing your training to see consistent progress and avoid injury.+