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Legendary Bodybuilder REVEALS THE SECRETS to Building More Muscle & LOSING FAT | Kris Gethin 1880

1. Intro

Kris discusses how his extreme attention to detail in bodybuilding has positively impacted other areas of his life, including his finances and personal relationships.+

2. Kris Gethin's Fitness Journey

Kris Gethin shares his journey from racing Motocross to discovering weight training and nutrition through physiotherapy. He talks about how he taught himself to write and started creating content for magazines, which eventually led him to become the editor-in-chief of

3. Cruise Line Massage

Kris shares his experience working as a sports massage therapist on a cruise line, where he discovered that massage therapists were tipped more than personal trainers. He talks about the products he sold, including cow's bile, and how being a good salesperson was more important than being a good therapist.+

4. Gym Business Struggles

Kris shares his experience of running a gym business and the challenges he faced. He talks about the difficulties of making a profit in the gym business and the challenges he faced with his current franchise partner.+

5. Gym Opportunities

Gym Opportunities:Kris Gethin shares how he saw the need for good gym facilities in India and decided to open a gym there with his business partner, Jag Chima. They aimed to educate personal trainers and make them respected professionals in the industry.+
Emerging Fitness Markets:Kris Gethin discusses the growth of the fitness industry in emerging markets like India and the Middle East, where bodybuilding and health are exploding. Despite the massive interest, the income in these countries is still low, making pricing an important consideration for businesses looking to enter these markets.Show transcript +
Challenges in India:Kris discusses the challenges of getting women to train in male-dominated areas of India and the cultural challenges of a predominantly vegetarian and vegan population. He also touches on the negative impact of western influence on their diet, leading to a rise in diabetes rates.+
Obesity in India:Kris and Sal discuss the cultural views on obesity in India, where it was once viewed as a sign of wealth but is now becoming a pandemic due to inactive lifestyles and unhealthy food choices. Clients who get in shape are often frowned upon by their families, who view a robust waist as a sign of health.+
Customer First:Kris Gethin talks about how Ryan always focused on the customer first, which led to their high customer satisfaction rating for seven years straight. They gave away free stuff and provided platforms for vendors to sell their products. However, when they started charging for content, the transition was rough for the community.+'s Business Model:Kris and Adam discuss's business model, which relied heavily on selling supplements and providing free content to build customer loyalty. Sal shares his personal experience with the website's forums and how they provided cutting-edge information on fitness and health.+
Fitness Forum Influence:Sal and Kris discuss the impact of fitness forums on the industry, including the reinvigoration of debates around training techniques and the influence on's success. The forums provided a platform for influencers to share free information and interact with their audience, leading to a wealth of content and discussions.+

6. Extreme Bodybuilding Risks

Extreme Bodybuilding Risks:Kris and Sal discuss the dangers of extreme bodybuilding and the strain it puts on the heart, leading to health risks and even death. They also mention how this issue is not unique to bodybuilding, as extreme sports in general can lead to health problems.+
Extreme Bodybuilding:Kris and Sal discuss the extreme body weights that competitive bodybuilders carry, and how it affects their health. They also talk about the future of bodybuilding and how it's going towards a freaky look.+

7. Bodybuilding Trends

Bodybuilding Trends:Sal and Kris discuss the training trends in Bodybuilding, including the shift towards barbell squats and deadlifts. Kris mentions the trend towards ballistic rep tempo, which he used to follow but has since adjusted due to his age.+
Basic Lifts Trend:Kris and Sal discuss the trend of bodybuilders incorporating basic lifts like deadlifts and squats into their routines. They speculate that the trend is due to a combination of rediscovering the value of these lifts and seeing others on social media have success with them.+

8. Bodybuilding and Social Media

Kris and Adam discuss the impact of social media on the bodybuilding industry. While interest in the sport is growing, people want instant results and are not willing to put in the work. Social media influencers are now making a living out of bodybuilding, and if they can influence people to make better decisions, it's a good thing.+

9. Benefits and Drawbacks

Kris Gethin discusses the benefits of bodybuilding, such as structure and cognitive benefits, but also mentions the potential drawbacks, such as arrogance in the community. He also shares how participating in various competitions has made him a better coach and trainer.+

10. Pursuing Growth

Pursuing Growth:Kris and Sal discuss how the pursuit of bodybuilding can lead to personal growth and wisdom, and how older bodybuilders tend to be more open and giving. They reflect on their own experiences and how they have changed over time, becoming more willing to connect with others and share their knowledge.+
Attention to Detail:Sal and Kris discuss how the extreme attention to detail in bodybuilding has helped Kris become more focused and structured in other areas of his life, including his finances and personal relationships. Kris shares how his obsession with details has helped him become a better person overall and how he applies what he's learned from bodybuilding to help others with their longevity. They also touch on Kris's love for adrenaline and the injuries he's sustained from snowboarding, mountain biking, and motocross.+

11. Fitness and Mental Health

Kris and Sal discuss the positive effects of fitness on mental health, including how it can serve as an outlet for anxiety and stress. They also touch on the importance of discipline and motivation in achieving long-term success in fitness and how resistance training can benefit people of all ages.+

12. Kris Gethin's Business Journey

Kris shares his journey from growing up on a farm with little money to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry. He credits his work ethic to his early morning farm duties and his business knowledge to his father's application of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. Kris emphasizes the importance of enjoying what you do and how his various ventures in the fitness space cross-pollinate each other.+

13. Supplement Insights

Evolution of Supplements:Sal and Kris discuss the changes in the supplement industry over the years, from the limited pre-workout category to the rise of online supplement stores. They also reminisce about the early days of bodybuilding and the high prices of supplements.+
Supplement Industry Evolution:Kris and Sal discuss the evolution of the supplement industry, from the rise of pro hormones to the current state of the CBD industry. Kris shares his experience testing supplements and how some of the smaller brands outperformed the bigger ones.+
Supplement Industry Margins:Kris Gethin discusses the issues with supplement labeling and how he started formulating his own brand. He also talks about the challenges of making a profit in the supplement industry and the importance of promoting health.+
Essential Supplements:Kris Gethin shares his insights on the most important supplements for athletes and people looking to change their body. He recommends meal replacements, omega three oil, and electrolytes for optimal nutrition and hydration. The hosts also discuss the benefits of sodium and the importance of cell voluminization for strength.+
Supplement Insights:Kris and Sal discuss the effectiveness of different pre-workout supplements such as beta-alanine and citrulline for improving performance and lactate buffering. They also touch on appetite suppressing supplements and the potential benefits of SARMs and peptides for muscle building.+

14. Bodybuilding Myths

Kris and Sal discuss the myth that the biggest bodybuilders take the most steroids. Kris confirms that genetics and response to steroids play a bigger role in muscle growth than the amount of steroids taken. They also discuss Dorian Yates' minimal steroid stack and attribute his freakish muscle growth to his intense training style.+

15. The oura of intensity.

Legendary Gyms:Kris and Sal discuss some of the most legendary gyms they've worked out in, including Dorian Yates' dungeon-like gym and Branch Warren's hot and intense MetroFlex gym in Texas. They talk about the intense aura and camaraderie in these gyms and how the equipment and atmosphere contributed to their intense workouts.+
Nautilus Equipment Nostalgia:Kris Gethin shares his experience working out with Dorian Yates and talks about the chain driven Nautilus equipment. Sal Di Stefano and Adam Schafer also reminisce about the feel of the equipment and how it has changed over the years.+

16. Hormone Journey

Kris discusses his journey with hormones and how long COVID has affected his testosterone levels. He shares how he has been able to optimize his health through biohacking and why he is considering HRT for longevity purposes.+

17. Training Insights

Pivotal Moments:Kris and Adam discuss the pivotal moments in their training careers, including the importance of adjusting volume to prevent injury and promote growth. Kris found success with high volume and low weight, while Adam saw results with reduced volume.+
Varied Training for Progress:Sal, Adam, and Kris discuss the importance of varied training for consistent progress and injury prevention. Kris shares his experience with high volume and short rest periods, while Adam talks about the benefits of switching to a low volume, high intensity style. They also touch on how genetic structure can affect training and the importance of adhering to it.+