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SHREDDING MASTERCLASS: 11 Steps to Get to A Single Digit Body Fat Percentage | Mind Pump 1840


Sal and Justin discuss why doing excessive cardio is not necessary for getting shredded and can actually counteract the muscle building signal of strength training. They recommend saving cardio for the last couple of weeks and focusing on diet and strength training for the long term. Adam shares his experience of only doing cardio for a maximum of four weeks leading up to a competition.+

2. Shredding Mindset

Getting Shredded:Sal and Adam discuss the differences between being lean and being shredded, and the mindset and approach required to achieve single-digit body fat. Sal shares his personal experience and the specific steps he takes to get shredded for a video shoot.+
Extreme Dieting Effects:Sal and Adam discuss the physical and psychological effects of extreme dieting, including changes in hot and cold tolerance, sleep, and cravings. While pushing oneself to such extremes can have positive benefits, it is not a healthy place for most people to be.+
Sensitivity to Body Changes:Adam and Sal discuss how the body becomes ultra-sensitive to changes in body fat percentage when getting down to low single digits. They share their personal experiences and insights on how even the slightest changes in food, sleep, and exercise can be visibly and physically felt.+

3. Extreme Dieting Risks

Adam and Sal discuss the risks of extreme dieting and the competitive nature of bodybuilding. They emphasize the importance of having a healthy relationship with food and exercise before pursuing extreme dieting. They also highlight the potential negative outcomes of pushing the body to its limits.+

4. Shredded Physique Realities

Temporary Shredded Physique:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of recognizing that a shredded physique is temporary and the negative health consequences of trying to maintain it forever. They emphasize the need for a backup plan to avoid binge eating and rapid fat cell growth.+
Extreme Dieting Effects:Sal and Adam discuss the effects of extreme dieting on the body, specifically how it can lead to the body adding fat cells and making it harder to get lean in the future. They use examples from the bodybuilding and physique competitor community to illustrate their point.+
Muscle Preservation:Sal and Justin discuss the importance of preserving muscle during weight loss. Losing weight on the scale doesn't necessarily mean losing body fat, as individuals may also lose muscle. The leaner one gets, the more their body tries to survive off fewer calories, which can lead to muscle loss.+
Bodybuilding Lessons:Adam shares his experience with bodybuilding and dieting. He talks about how he sacrificed muscle by cutting too much for his first show and how he learned from that experience. He also discusses the importance of timing and learning how his body reacts to different levers.+

5. Consistency and Obsession

Consistency and Single Digit Body Fat:Sal and Adam discuss the sacrifices and relentless commitment required to achieve single digit body fat, emphasizing the need for obsessively consistent dieting and the psychological toll it can take. They also touch on the glorification of this body type in advertising and media.+
Consistency and Obsession:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of consistency and obsession in achieving goals, whether it's in fitness or business. They emphasize the need to be relentless and consistent, and how it can be applied to other aspects of life. They also touch on the idea that even with flexible dieting, you still need to be obsessively consistent.+

6. 3 - Cycle carbs (non-essential).

Carb Cycling Benefits:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the benefits of carb cycling for bodybuilders. Carb cycling can provide more energy and better pumps during workouts, and allows for psychological benefits of not having every day be the same. By cycling carbs, bodybuilders can cut out nonessential calories while still maintaining essential proteins and fats.+
Manipulating Caloric Intake:Adam and Sal discuss the benefits of manipulating caloric intake through carbohydrates and how it can make dieting more consistent and less laborious. They also touch on the psychological benefits of having ups and downs in caloric intake and how carbohydrates can affect appetite.+

7. 4 - Protein must stay high.

High Protein Intake:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of maintaining a high protein intake when trying to lose fat and build muscle. They explain how protein helps with satiety and muscle preservation, and how many people under-consume protein when trying to get shredded. They also give tips on how to increase protein intake, such as choosing protein bars over high-carb snacks.+
High Protein Breakfast:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of having a high protein breakfast, especially when dieting. They explain how protein helps control hunger and glucose levels, and recommend incorporating meat into breakfast meals to kickstart the day with 40 grams of protein.+

8. 5 - Lift weights for strength not “burning.”

Building Muscle While Cutting:Sal and Justin discuss the importance of lifting weights and building muscle while cutting down body fat. By sending the signal to the body that it needs the muscle, it's less likely to be pared down. The goal is to lift weights for strength and muscle, not just for calorie burning.+
Mental Challenges:Adam and Katrina discuss the mental challenge of lifting with intensity while being in a caloric deficit. Sal shares his strategy of timing muscle building techniques during this phase to prevent muscle loss.+
Novel Training for Dieting:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of changing up your training routine when going on a strict diet to manage the psychological effects. They suggest switching to a novel training program to prevent focusing on preconceived numbers and to keep the training exciting and fresh.+
Mental Challenges:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the mental challenges of getting shredded. They talk about how people are drawn towards cardio and circuit-style training to maximize their calorie burn, but these workouts are only effective for a short period.+

9. 6 - Avoid cardio until it’s necessary.

Avoid Cardio:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of avoiding cardio until it's necessary for bodybuilding. They suggest focusing on diet and strength training first and only incorporating cardio in the final weeks before a show. Doing cardio for extended periods can counteract the muscle building signal and lead to unsustainable habits.+
Building a Healthy Metabolism:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of building a healthy metabolism before calorie restricting. They warn against cutting calories too soon and the potential negative effects it can have on one's body long term.+

10. 7 - Learn to live with hunger.

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the differences between hunger and cravings. Hunger is a constant feeling that makes you want to eat anything, while cravings are driven by emotions or context. They also talk about how hunger is a part of being in single-digit body fat and how it requires a mental switch to accept it.+

11. 8 - Sleep and stress must be perfect.

Sleep and Cravings:Adam and Sal discuss how a bad night's sleep can impact cravings and lead to unhealthy food choices. Consistency in diet helps to identify these subtle connections.+
Staying Lean:Sal and Justin discuss the importance of managing stress and sleep when trying to get lean. They caution against living in a constant state of hunger and stress, and recommend creating a low-stress bubble to achieve your goals without sacrificing your mental and physical health.+

12. 9 - Don’t let water changes freak you out.

Adam and Sal discuss the impact of water retention on body fat percentage and how it can affect one's appearance. They provide insights on how tracking water intake and sodium levels can help individuals achieve their desired body composition.+

13. 10 - The scale lies.

Sal and Adam discuss how the scale can be misleading when trying to get leaner. They explain how gaining muscle while keeping the same amount of body fat can make you weigh more but look leaner, and why staying the same weight while losing body fat is a healthier and more sustainable approach to weight loss.+

14. 11 - Supplements become more important.

Nutrient Requirements:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of supplements when reducing calorie intake and increasing strength training. Micronutrients, such as B vitamins and minerals, can be difficult to manage with a low-calorie diet, making supplements a vital role in meeting nutrient requirements.Show transcript +
Cutting Calories Psychology:Adam and Sal discuss the mental game of cutting calories and the importance of hitting protein intake. They share their go-to protein sources and the convenience of protein shakes.+