Published February 2022 on YouTube

1757: The Truth About the Anabolic Window & Protein Timing

1. MAPS Anabolic Giveaway

Sal exposes the lies about protein powder and discusses what to consider when choosing one. Listeners can also win a free access to Maps Anabolic by leaving a comment and subscribing to the channel. Additionally, Maps Performance and Maps Aesthetic are both 50% off with the code Feb50.+

2. The Power of Protein

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of protein in our diet, how it helps with athletic performance and muscle building, and why it's the most under-consumed macronutrient. They also touch on how protein can help with satiety and calorie reduction.+

3. Protein Importance

Importance of Protein:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of hitting their protein intake and how it was a pivotal moment in their lifting career. They share their experiences of assuming they were consuming enough protein and the difference it made when they started tracking it.+
Protein Consumption:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of tracking protein intake in order to build muscle and hit daily targets. They share personal experiences of under-consuming protein and the trap of counting anything with protein as a protein meal. They also discuss the value of shakes and bars in supplementing protein intake.+

4. Optimal Protein Intake

Sal explains the difference between the essential amount of protein needed for survival and the optimal amount for muscle building and satiety. He recommends aiming for 0.7 grams of protein per body weight to achieve better and faster results.+

5. The history of protein.

Sal and Adam discuss the history of protein supplements and how marketing has influenced people's understanding of protein. They explain how the marketing tactics used by supplement companies have only served to confuse people, leading them to focus on the wrong things when it comes to protein intake.Show transcript +

6. Protein Powder Buying Guide

Sal shares key factors to consider when buying protein powder, including the importance of getting protein from food and identifying the factors that matter most when selecting a protein powder.+

7. 1 – How well do you digest it.

Protein Powder Digestion:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of considering how well you digest protein powder, rather than just focusing on marketing claims and amino acids. They also address the normalization of digestive issues associated with protein powders and offer advice on finding a better protein powder for individual needs.+
Protein Powder Digestion:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of finding a protein powder that is easily digestible. They explain how difficult digestion can negatively impact muscle building, performance, and fat loss goals. They also touch on the different types of protein powders and their varying levels of digestibility.+
Protein Powder Digestibility:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the importance of digestibility when it comes to protein powders. They recommend starting with protein sources that you know you can digest well and testing out new sources in small amounts to avoid digestive issues. Sal also explains how food intolerances can have a threshold and recommends finding the right balance for your body.+

8. 2 – The quality of the protein.

Quality Protein Powder:Sal discusses the importance of quality in protein powders and how some companies use amino acid spiking to save money. He emphasizes the need to pay attention to the quality of the powder rather than just the price.+
Quality Matters:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the importance of quality when it comes to protein powder. They touch on the dangers of heavy metals in vegan sources of protein and the importance of accurately measuring serving sizes to ensure you're getting the right amount of protein.+
Quality Protein Powder:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of third party testing for impurities in protein powder, including heavy metals and toxins. They recommend looking for brands that have undergone third party testing and caution against choosing the cheapest option on the shelf.+

9. 3 – The flavor.

Importance of Protein Flavor:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of protein powder flavor and how it can affect someone's willingness to consume it. They also mention the difficulty in finding a good-tasting vegan protein powder and how Organifi solved that problem for them.+
Protein Powder Tips:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss their favorite protein powder flavors and the importance of mixing protein powder well. They also share tips on how to mix protein powder and which types of protein powders tend to mix better.+

10. 4 – The amino acid profile.

Importance of Protein Intake:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of hitting your daily protein intake and how the amino acid profile of protein powders doesn't matter as much as people think. They emphasize that hitting your protein intake is the most important factor in building muscle, regardless of the source of protein.+
Protein Sources:Sal and Adam discuss the differences between animal and vegan protein sources. While animal sources have a more favorable amino acid profile, vegan sources can be combined to create a more complete protein. However, when protein intake is low, the difference between the two sources becomes more significant and can affect muscle and strength gains.+

11. Protein Timing Insights

Protein Timing:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the optimal time to take protein for muscle building. While there is no magical anabolic window, taking protein post-workout can help those struggling to hit their protein intake for the day. Another good time to take protein is at the end of the day to assess if enough protein was consumed throughout the day.+
Protein Timing:Adam and Sal discuss the common misconception of protein shakes and bars building muscle. They emphasize the importance of assessing protein intake and getting it from whole foods. They also debunk the marketing tactics of protein timing and explain why it's not as important as hitting daily protein and calorie goals.+