Published March 2021 on YouTube

1507: Everything You Need to Know About Steroids with John Romano

1. <Untitled Chapter 1>

Sal interviews John, an icon in the muscle building world, about all the secrets of muscle building that can't be found on traditional websites, including the use of anabolic steroids. John's honesty and no holds barred conversation style make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in fitness.+

2. Bodybuilding Guru

John Romano, a bodybuilding guru, shares how he got interested in the problem-solving aspect of performance enhancement and how he learned about the good, the bad, and the ugly of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.+

3. Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs

John and Sal discuss the history of performance enhancing drugs in sports, from the 1930s to the present day. They touch on the mindset of athletes and coaches who are willing to cheat to win, and how technology has made it easier to beat drug tests.+

4. Steroid Use History

John and Sal discuss the history of steroid use in professional sports, including the various disciplines that were using performance-enhancing drugs and the notable athletes who were caught using them.+

5. Testosterone vs. Anabolic Steroids

John explains the difference between androgens and steroids, and how the structural changes in the molecule of testosterone can create new drugs that are more anabolic or androgenic depending on the desired effect. Different sports require different cycles of drugs to achieve specific goals.+

6. Anabolic vs Androgenic

John explains the differences between anabolic and androgenic steroids and how bodybuilders use them to achieve their desired results while mitigating side effects.+

7. What is the difference in feel?

John explains the psychological effects of anabolic steroids, including the difference in feel between highly anabolic low androgenic steroids versus those that are very androgenic and low anabolic. He mentions how the susceptibility to aggression varies among individuals and how channeling that aggression in the gym can lead to impressive personal records.+

8. Steroid Basics

John explains why testosterone is the best baseline drug to consider when using performance enhancing drugs. He also clarifies misconceptions about steroid stacks and the weight gain associated with Anadrol.+

9. Building Muscle

John emphasizes that the majority of muscle gain comes from training and diet, not drugs. It's important to determine your realistic expectations and ultimate goal before deciding on a starter stack.+

10. Steroid Use Guidelines

John Romano provides guidelines for responsible steroid use, including getting blood work done and ensuring good health before starting. He recommends starting with testosterone and adding a steroid on top of that, with dosage depending on age and natural testosterone levels. He emphasizes the importance of committing fully to steroid use if you choose to do it.+

11. Steroid Cycles

John explains that the duration of a steroid cycle depends on monitoring blood work and overall physical health. He also mentions that the latest trend is to stay on a cycle for as long as you want and deal with the consequences later.+

12. Boosting Testosterone Naturally

John explains how to kick start natural testosterone production after using steroids. He recommends a 30 day cycle of HCG and Clomid to bring testosterone levels back to normal.+

13. Women and Anabolics

John and Sal discuss the use of anabolics among women and the different courses of action they can take depending on their goals and willingness to accept side effects. They also touch on the topic of bikini competitions and the use of performance-enhancing drugs among athletes.+

14. Clenbuterol Explained

John explains that Clenbuterol is a bronchial dilator that causes tremors, which burn more calories and result in fat loss. It has minimal anabolic effects and is typically used for getting lean.+

15. What is albuterol?

Sal and John discuss the use of Albuterol for weight loss and how it was discovered by Duchane due to its side effect of tremors.+

16. Growth Hormone Benefits

John explains that growth hormone is not a steroid, but a hormone that stimulates tissue repair, growth, and fat burning. It also has a muscle preserving effect, making it attractive for athletes on restricted calorie diets. Women prefer it because it has no masculinizing side effects.+

17. SARMs and Drug Testing

SARMs: Experimental Drugs:Sal and John discuss SARMs, experimental drugs that specifically target certain areas of the body. While they may seem legal, they are not approved for human use and buying them online is breaking the law.+
SARMs and Drug Testing:John and Sal discuss SARMs and their effectiveness compared to steroids. John is skeptical due to the lack of research and the number of athletes failing drug tests while using them. They also touch on the difficulty of passing drug tests at high levels of competition.+

18. Doping in Sports

Beating Drug Tests:John reveals how athletes beat drug tests by manipulating the testosterone to epitestosterone ratio and how some superstar athletes can get away with failing their tests.+
Doping in Sports:John and Sal discuss the issue of doping in sports, particularly in professional organizations where it's in their best interest to not kick out their biggest draws. They also touch on the fact that just because an athlete passes a drug test, it doesn't necessarily mean they are clean.+

19. Anabolics and Appearance

Sal shares a story about a trainer who took a lot of Anabolics but looked like a regular guy in the gym, highlighting the difference in appearance that Anabolics can make.+

20. Steroid Use Effects

John explains that the effects of steroid use depend on the individual's genetic makeup and how they preserve their muscle growth through recovery and nutrition. Muscle growth is a response to the body's survival mechanism, and if you don't feed your body, you will lose it.+

21. Transgender Athletes Debate

Transgender Athletes Debate:Sal and John discuss the controversy surrounding transgender athletes in sports. While some argue that it's not fair for biological men to compete against women, others believe that if they've brought their hormone levels down, it levels the playing field. John argues that there are only two genders, male and female, and that transitioning from one to the other doesn't undo what hormones did in the womb.+
Transgender Athletes Debate:John and Sal discuss the controversy surrounding transgender athletes in sports. John argues that it is unfair for transgender women to compete against cisgender women due to physical advantages, while Sal plays devil's advocate and questions whether athletes would really harm themselves just to win.+
Fairness in Sports:Sal and John discuss the fairness of allowing transgender athletes to compete in sports and the effects of steroid use on performance. John argues that the ideology behind the push for inclusivity in sports needs to be fixed before any changes can be made.+

22. Loosening Steroid Laws

John and Sal discuss the current state of steroid laws and how they are being perceived by the medical community. They touch on the availability of steroids on the black market, and the increasing number of doctors willing to prescribe and monitor hormone cycles. They also talk about how men's testosterone levels have been declining and how TRT is becoming more medically acceptable.+

23. Bodybuilding Insights

Podcast Struggles:John Romano discusses his struggles with adapting to the podcasting world and generating traffic through social media. Despite this, he has had great guests on his podcast and hopes to continue to grow his audience.+
Bodybuilding History:Sal and John discuss the importance of understanding the history of bodybuilding and the lack of knowledge among younger generations. They emphasize the need to understand the "why" behind fitness routines and how it can impact overall success.+

24. Steroids, Transgender Athletes, and Pro Athletes

Steroid Dosing:Adam and Sal discuss steroid dosing with John Meadows, a professional bodybuilder and coach. Adam shares his personal experience with experimenting with steroids and how dosages can vary depending on factors such as age and knowledge of programming and nutrition.+
Testosterone and Androgen Receptors:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss a recent study that found that the density of androgen receptors, not testosterone levels, is what makes a big difference in how people's bodies respond to weight training. They also touch on the myth that taking anabolic steroids will automatically produce a superhero body, and how muscle maturity and muscle memory may play a role in muscle growth.+
Transgender Athletes Debate:The hosts discuss the debate surrounding transgender athletes in sports, with differing opinions on the issue. They consider the biological differences between the sexes and the potential for a permanent advantage for transgender athletes.+
Transgender Athletes:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the unintended consequences of allowing transgender athletes to compete in sports, including the impact on female athletes and scholarships. They also touch on the challenges of testing for performance-enhancing drugs and the constant cat-and-mouse game between athletes and testers.+
Pro Athletes and Steroids:The hosts discuss the prevalence of steroid use among professional athletes and how it's become part of the business. They argue that if you're making millions of dollars based on your physical performance, and you have doctors ready and willing to prescribe and monitor you, it's more rare to find natural athletes.+
Transgender Athlete Debate:Sal and Justin discuss the transgender athlete debate, acknowledging that individuals should be able to do whatever they want to their body, but questioning whether there is an unfair physical advantage for transgender athletes in combat sports that can't be reversed with hormones. They also express their concern that politics are becoming intertwined with sports.+