Published August 2018 on YouTube

838: How to Build Side Butt, Why BCAAs are a Waste of Money, the Best Sleep Position & MORE

1. <Untitled Chapter 1>

In this episode, the Mind Pump hosts engage in their introductory conversation for 43 minutes, providing a glimpse into the dynamic and personality of the show.+

2. How To Shape the Gluts

Adam introduces the term "sidebutt" for rounder glutes, while Justin talks about his experience with a home gym using PRX equipment. The hosts also discuss the pros and cons of home gyms versus commercial gyms.+

3. What Are Muscle Bellies

Muscle Bellies and Sleep Positions:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the concept of muscle bellies and the best sleeping positions. They also share some funny stories and announce a discount on their workout program.+
Awkward Family Photos:Justin, Adam, and Sal discuss the hilarious Awkward Family Photos Instagram account and how fashion trends are often influenced by people of influence, leading to regrettable style choices years later. They also touch on the current trend of high-waisted pants and how certain exercises can shape the glutes for a more flattering look.+

4. Sumo Deadlifts

Fashion Trends:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss fashion trends from the past and present, including stonewashed jeans, bongo jeans, and male cheerleader outfits. They also briefly touch on the correct way to perform sumo deadlifts.+
Fashion trends and body image:The hosts discuss fashion trends from the past and present, including shoulder pads, neon colors, and Birkenstocks. They also touch on body image and the pressure to create the illusion of a smaller waist. The conversation ends with a discussion on a young woman confidently sporting unshaved legs and armpits at the beach.+
Classic Styles:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss classic fashion styles that have stood the test of time, including overalls and Chuck Taylor shoes. They also mention that Nike bought Converse and made improvements to the soles of the shoes.+
Fashion Trends:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss fashion trends, including Nike shoes and the popularity of tapered pants. They share their personal experiences with these trends and how they've evolved over time.+
Hair and Style:Justin, Adam, and Sal reminisce about their past hairstyles, including long hair and crazy styles. They also discuss how style preferences change over time and how some people enjoy experimenting while others prefer to keep things simple.+
Hair Styling Memories:Justin, Sal, and Adam reminisce about their past hair styling techniques, including using glue and hair spray to create concrete-like hairstyles. They also reference old commercials and games, adding a nostalgic feel to the conversation.+
Aging and Staying Young:Adam and his friends discuss the fear of aging and getting stuck in a certain era fashion-wise. Adam shares his experience of running boot camps for middle-aged people and how he encouraged them to stay young by keeping up with the latest trends in music and fashion.+
Embracing Aging:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the idea of aging and enlightenment. They talk about how some people embrace aging and live life to the fullest, while others start dying earlier than they should. They also mention how enlightenment can lead to not caring about societal norms and fashion trends.+
Fashion and Self-Expression:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss how fashion can be a form of self-expression and how it reflects their personalities. They also touch on the importance of not being put in a box and how it applies to both fashion and fitness.+
Aging and Working Out:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss how their bodies have changed as they've aged and how it affects their workouts. Justin shares his at-home workout setup and the adjustments he's made to accommodate his changing body.+
Home Gym Investment:Justin and Sal discuss the benefits of investing in a home gym for those who consistently work out. They share insights on the sturdiness and convenience of Justin's foldable rack, which he installed in his home gym.+
Building a Home Gym:The hosts discuss the benefits of having a home gym and their partnership with PRX to provide equipment for their listeners. They also offer a free program with the purchase of at-home PRX equipment.+
Gym Motivation:Adam discusses his preference for training in a gym and the motivation he gains from being around other competitive athletes. The energy and atmosphere of a gym can push him to work harder and kick it into another gear. However, Sal argues that having your own gym at home can be more convenient in the long run.+
Home Gym Motivation:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the pros and cons of having a home gym. They talk about how having a gym at home can lead to less motivation and shorter workouts, but also how it can be convenient for those with time constraints or children.+
Home Gym vs. Gym Membership:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the pros and cons of having a home gym versus a gym membership. They share their personal preferences and experiences with different types of equipment and workouts. Justin even plans to set up a record player in his home gym for some old-school vibes.+
Sauna Benefits:Adam and Sal discuss the benefits of using an infrared sauna, including resetting circadian rhythms and feeling more energized. They also mention how it has been a game changer for their health and wellness routines.+
Charitable Marketing:Sal and Adam discuss how being charitable is becoming more marketable and how companies like Thrive Market and Mirror are giving back to the community while still providing competitive prices and services. They also touch on the importance of companies giving back to avoid issues like the talcum powder scandal with Johnson and Johnson.+
Sustainable Giving:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the importance of building a sustainable business model before giving back to charity. They emphasize the need to prioritize profit in order to create a consistent process of giving.+

5. Amino Acid Insights

BCAAs and Protein:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the effectiveness of branch chain amino acid supplements and how they compare to protein intake. They explain that BCAAs are often pushed in the bodybuilding community by those who already consume enough protein, making it a waste of money for them.+
Amino Acid Supplements:Sal and Adam discuss the benefits and drawbacks of amino acid supplements, including branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), and caution against overconsumption. They recommend essential amino acids as a better option for maximizing protein synthesis.+

6. Intermittent Fasting

Fasting and Supplements:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the benefits of fasting, the importance of essential nutrients, and the efficacy of supplements like creatine and whey protein. They also touch on the benefits of branch amino acids for those who don't consume enough protein in their diet.+
BCAAs and Amino Acids:Sal and Adam discuss the myth that taking BCAAs will help burn fat and build muscle. They explain that supplementing with amino acids is only beneficial for those who have trouble getting enough protein and that it is often used as a way to sell supplements. The bodybuilding community has scared people into thinking they need BCAAs, but the truth is that it's not a great investment.+
Amino Acid Overconsumption:Sal and Adam discuss the dangers of overconsuming amino acids through protein shakes and supplements in the pursuit of muscle gain. Sal shares his personal experience with gaining muscle through real food instead of shakes.+
Muscle Bellies:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the role of muscle bellies in our overall appearance and how they are affected by diet and exercise. They explain how muscle bellies are filled with fluid and carbohydrates, which creates a fuller and more pronounced muscle look on the body. Understanding this concept can help clients better understand their progress and appearance during their fitness journey.+
Muscle Bellies and Carbs:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the importance of muscle bellies in bodybuilding and how adding carbs can give a more defined look. They explain how muscle bellies are the main part of the muscle and how adding glucose and water can fill them out. They also share personal experiences with adding carbs to their diet.+
Muscle Bellies & Aesthetics:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of muscle bellies in bodybuilding and how genetics play a role in their appearance. They also explain how longer, fuller muscle bellies can create the illusion of a bigger muscle, but it's not necessarily stronger. The conversation also touches on how this concept can be applied to other body parts, such as the butt.+
Carb Cycling Benefits:Adam explains the benefits of carb cycling and how it can help with fat burning by depleting glycogen stores and utilizing body fat as energy. He also discusses how carb cycling can help with workout performance and achieving a fuller, more muscular look.+
Muscle Bellies:Sal explains how muscle belly length affects athletic performance and potential for muscular strength. Longer muscle bellies may have a potential for greater muscular strength because of the larger cross-sectional area, while shorter muscle bellies tend to be more agile. The discussion also touches on the manipulation of diet and nutrition for bodybuilding and the limitations of using the mirror and scale as tools for measuring progress.+

7. Sleep Insights

Best Sleep Position:Adam suggests that the best sleep position for people with mobility issues is lying on their back as it counters the bad posture from sitting all day. However, Sal points out that the most important thing is the quality of sleep, so the best position varies from person to person.+
Sleep positions:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss why the fetal position is the most common sleep position and theorize that it may be due to its protective nature and our innate tendency to sleep that way. They also share their own sleep positions and habits.+
Sleeping and Mobility:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of mobility when it comes to sleep. They debunk the myth that sleeping on a perfect bed is necessary and explain how mobility issues can cause discomfort during sleep. They also share personal experiences of sleeping on the floor and adapting to minimalist sleeping arrangements.+
Sleep Habits:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss their sleep habits, including sleeping naked or in clothing, the benefits of sleeping in a cool room, and the importance of having two pillows for better neck support. They also share their personal preferences for sleeping attire and the potential drawbacks of sleeping in restrictive clothing.+

8. Side Sleeping

Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the pros and cons of different sleep positions, including side sleeping and sleeping on your back. They also recommend using body pillows for better sleep, regardless of whether you're pregnant or not.+

9. Road Rage

Road Rage Stories:Sal, Adam, and Justin share their personal experiences with road rage, including instances of yelling at other drivers and even being shown a gun. They reflect on how they've changed over time and how road rage is ultimately a silly thing to get worked up about.+
Risky Driving:Sal shares a story about his competitive driving habits and the dangers that come with it. He recounts a time when he raced a stranger and almost got into a physical altercation with a massive bodybuilder.+
Dad Rage:Sal shares a story about a road rage incident where he almost got into a fight with a massive man. Adam reminds him of another incident where he lost his cool and beat up some teenagers who threw a basketball at his car with his kids inside. Sal reflects on how he felt a dad rage when his daughter was threatened and shares how it's different from regular road rage.+
Overcoming Road Rage:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss their experiences with road rage and how personal growth has helped them overcome it. They share insights on how road rage is often fueled by pride and the desire to prove oneself, and how becoming more comfortable with who you are can reduce the likelihood of experiencing road rage.+
Fighting and Pride:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss their experiences with fighting and how pride can often lead to unnecessary conflicts. They reflect on how as they've grown older, they've become more cautious and aware of the consequences of engaging in physical altercations.+
Road Rage and Guns:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the correlation between road rage and the presence of guns in society. They also touch on the theory that people feel safer in their cars and are more likely to act out because of it.+