Published February 2020 on YouTube

#1222 | Low Carb vs. Low Fat... Which Is Better?

1. <Untitled Chapter 1>

Sal and Adam discuss the ongoing debate between low fat and low carb diets, exploring which one is better for burning body fat and improving athletic performance. They break down the differences between the two diets and delve into the foods associated with each. Don't miss this insightful conversation!+

2. Pros and Cons

Dive into the pros and cons of low carb and low fat diets, exploring the manipulation of carbs and fats for different goals. Discover why a high protein diet benefits everyone and how personal preference and individual variance play a role in finding the right approach.+

3. Debunking Fat Myths

Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the misconceptions surrounding fat and how it has been wrongly blamed for chronic illnesses and obesity. They shed light on the marketing tactics used in the fitness industry and emphasize the importance of understanding nutrition beyond surface-level assumptions.+

4. The history of the diet fads.

The Low Fat Myth:Sal and Adam discuss the history of the low fat push in the US, the flawed research behind it, and the traditional ways of dieting that were recommended before. They question the effectiveness of reducing fat intake and explore the idea that cutting out starches and sugars may be a better approach for weight loss.+
The Cholesterol Myth:The hosts discuss how the belief that dietary cholesterol affects cholesterol levels has been debunked by recent science. They also emphasize that all diets, whether low carb or low fat, ultimately rely on low calorie intake for weight loss. The key is finding a sustainable diet that fits your lifestyle.+

5. The Importance of Dietary Fat

Adam and Sal discuss the misconceptions around dietary fat and highlight the importance of including healthy fats in your diet for optimal hormonal health and to prevent nutrient deficiencies.+

6. Which burns the most body fat?

Sal and Adam discuss the effectiveness of low carb and low fat diets in burning body fat. They explain that while low carb may result in more weight loss initially, it is primarily due to water loss. Ultimately, both diets can be equally effective as long as calorie intake is controlled.+

7. Benefits of Low Carb

Low Carb, High Fat:Sal and Adam discuss the benefits of a low carb, high fat diet in terms of satiety and controlling overeating. They share personal experiences and insights on how this approach can help curb cravings and promote a feeling of satisfaction. Justin also adds his perspective on how a higher fat diet can reduce snack cravings.+
The Power of Low Carb, High Fat Diets:Adam and Sal discuss the benefits of low carb, high fat diets, including increased satiety and reduced snacking. They share personal experiences and insights from working with clients, highlighting the importance of individual variance and psychological factors in dieting success.+

8. The Low Carb Rebound

Sal and Adam discuss the potential pitfalls of low carb, high fat diets and the rebound effect that can occur when individuals go off the diet. They explore how the body adapts to a ketogenic or carnivore diet and the consequences of falling off the diet.+

9. Improves gut-health issues.

Sal and Adam discuss the relationship between gut health and low carb diets, highlighting the impact of food intolerances and water retention on inflammation and bloating. They also touch on the psychological effects of holding onto water and the misconception of weight fluctuations.+

10. Better for cognition.

Discover the cognitive benefits of a ketogenic diet, including improved mental clarity and sharper thinking, as discussed by Sal, Adam, and Justin. Learn how ketones can enhance brain function and why reducing glucose intake may be beneficial for cognitive decline.+

11. Prevention of diabetes.

Sal and Adam discuss the impact of different diets on insulin levels and insulin sensitivity. They explore the benefits of a low carb diet for individuals with a family history of diabetes, while also mentioning the effectiveness of low calorie, low fat diets. The context of calorie intake is emphasized as a crucial factor in achieving desired results.+

12. Utilizing Low Carb Diets

Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss their individual approaches to utilizing low carb diets based on their goals, clients, and personal preferences. They explore the benefits and drawbacks of low carb diets and how it affects their performance, clarity, and digestive issues.+

13. Drawbacks of Low Carb

Drawbacks of Low Carb:Discover the drawbacks of low carb diets and how they may impact athletic performance. The hosts discuss the importance of carbohydrates for strength, power, and explosiveness in most sports, while acknowledging exceptions for endurance athletes.+
Maximizing Athletic Performance:Sal and Adam discuss the impact of different diets on athletic performance, highlighting the benefits of a ketogenic diet for long-distance endurance activities and the strategic use of carbohydrates during intense events. They emphasize the importance of being fat-adapted while incorporating glucose for optimal performance.+

14. Difficult to bulk.

Sal and Adam discuss the challenges of bulking on a low carb diet, including decreased workout performance, lack of muscle pump feedback, and limited convenience in finding suitable snacks.+

15. Not as convenient.

Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the challenges of maintaining a low carb diet, including the lack of convenience and variety in food choices. They also touch on the higher cost of low carb diets compared to low fat diets.+

16. It costs more money.

Discover the cost differences between low carb and low fat diets, as the hosts discuss the affordability of various foods. They also delve into the benefits of low fat diets, particularly in relation to lowering cholesterol.+

17. Cholesterol and Diet

Discover the impact of fat intake on cholesterol levels and the subset of people who may need a low-fat diet for better results. Explore the relationship between dietary cholesterol and overall cholesterol, and learn about the role of saturated fat in raising cholesterol levels.+

18. Increases athletic performance.

Carb Cycling Performance:Justin shares his experience with carb cycling and how it significantly improved his athletic performance. Adam discusses his approach to low fat or low carb based on his daily activities, while Sal recalls Adam's carb intake during his physique competition days.+
Carb vs. Fat Debate:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the benefits and drawbacks of low carb and low fat diets, sharing personal experiences and insights on how these macronutrients impact energy, strength, and overall performance. They also touch on the importance of nutrient balance and the cost-effectiveness of different dietary approaches.+

19. Less expensive.

Discover the benefits and drawbacks of a low fat diet when it comes to bulking. Sal and Adam discuss the impact on appetite and the cost-effectiveness of different food choices.+

20. The Impact of Low Fat Diets

Discover how low fat diets can potentially lead to gut issues and lower testosterone levels in men. Learn why fats are essential for hormone production and how a low calorie diet, especially low in fat, can negatively affect hormone balance.+

21. Brain fog and energy crashes.

Adam and Sal discuss the pros and cons of high carb and high fat diets, highlighting the energy crashes associated with carbs and the consistent energy levels experienced with fat. They also explore the best approach for reducing calories for the average person.+

22. Which is better?

Carb Intake Recommendations:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of lowering carbohydrate intake for weight loss and fat reduction. They also address the misconceptions around fat intake and highlight the need to reduce sugar consumption.+
The Truth About Bananas:Adam and Sal discuss the surprising sugar content in bananas and how the nutrition facts don't accurately reflect the reality of today's larger-sized bananas. They emphasize the importance of balancing carbs and calories, and offer insights on manipulating fat and carbs based on individual behaviors and events like the Super Bowl.+
Flexible Dieting Approach:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of not getting stuck on a specific macro recommendation and instead allowing for a wide variety of foods in the diet. They emphasize the need to avoid psychological phenomena like binge eating by alternating between lower carb and lower fat days. The key is to find the diet that makes you feel the best and that you can stick to consistently.+

23. The Simplicity of Carnivore

The Simplicity of the Carnivore Diet:Adam and Sal discuss the simplicity and potential benefits of the carnivore diet, emphasizing the importance of considering long-term sustainability and personal preferences. They also explore the rebound effect and the significance of learning how to read and nourish your body through a wide variety of foods.+
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