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976: The Truth About CBD, Bro Science that Works, Sweet Sweat Exposed & MORE

1. <Untitled Chapter 1>

Adam, Sal, and Justin have a fun conversation about Adam's dream, Sal's new vacuum sealer, and Justin's baseball coaching. They also discuss the prevalence of CBD products and recommend a trusted hemp oil brand.+

2. Skinny Dipped Almonds

Sal reads the macros for Skinny Dipped Almonds, a much better snack than Twinkies, and the hosts discuss snacks and their macros.+

3. Upper Cross Syndrome

Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the validity of bro science claims and whether thermogenic body creams are actually effective. They also share their favorite types of bro science advice.+

4. 50 % off Maps Performance Sale

Maps Performance Sale:Sal announces the 48-hour sale for Maps Performance, a program designed for full spectrum athletic performance. The program targets strength, agility, explosive power, and endurance. Listeners can get a 50% discount by using the code "green50" at Title: Slingshot Benefits Topics: Fitness, Weightlifting Summary: The hosts discuss the benefits of using the slingshot during weightlifting. They mention that it helps acclimate to heavy weights and overloads the body's strength curve. However, they also note that it can be uncomfortable and difficult to put on.+
Weird Dream:Adam shares a weird dream he had about interviewing Dion Sanders and accidentally bumping him with his penis, causing him to wake up with an uncomfortable erection. The hosts discuss the embarrassment that comes with vivid dreams and the strange things that can happen in them.+
Weird Dreams:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss their weird dreams, including Sal's dream about being chased by a Mexican drug cartel and Justin's dream about walking in on a friend changing. They also talk about the brain's tendency to combine thoughts in dreams and their upcoming interview with Ricky Williams, a former NFL player.+

5. Weird Erections and CBD Hype

Weird Erections:Justin, Adam, and Sal discuss embarrassing moments when they experienced sexual arousal in inappropriate settings, such as at a funeral or in a work van. They also touch on using vacuum sealer machines for marijuana.+
Vacuum Sealing Food:Adam and Sal discuss the benefits of vacuum sealing food for storage and meal prep. They share their personal experiences with using this method, including how it helps food last longer and saves space in the freezer. They also mention a current promotion for a subscription service that offers two pounds of ground beef for life.+
Food Preservation:Sal shares insights on food preservation techniques. Vacuum sealed foods can last up to 2 weeks in the fridge and 2-3 years in the freezer, compared to normal food which lasts 1-3 days in the fridge and 6-12 months in the freezer.+
Yellowstone Adventure:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss their upcoming trip to Yellowstone National Park, sharing their excitement for the wildlife and natural wonders they hope to see. They also touch on the dangers of the hot springs and the tragic story of a college student who fell in and was dissolved by the acidic water.+
CBD Trend:Adam expresses his annoyance about how CBD has become a trend in the bodybuilding community, with people selling it like crazy without even knowing what it is. He shares his personal experience with using CBD for his dogs and to calm himself down during long podcast sessions or public speaking engagements.+
CBD and its Medicinal Uses:Sal and Adam discuss the hype around CBD and its various uses, but highlight the most compelling science behind it - its use for certain types of seizures. They delve into the fascinating history of how CBD became a medicine for seizures and how it has been a miracle cure for children suffering from this affliction.+
CBD Supplement Hype:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the hype surrounding CBD supplements and the lack of evidence for their efficacy. While CBD may have some medicinal benefits, many supplement makers are simply adding it to their products as a marketing ploy without actually including enough of it to have an effect. They also touch on the potential benefits of treating symptoms like anxiety in order to better address the root cause.+
Relieving Pain:Sal and Justin discuss how to relieve pain caused by poor movement patterns. They share their personal experiences with foam rolling and mobility practices to alleviate knee and shoulder pain. They emphasize the importance of treating the symptom to help correct the root cause of the pain.+
Coaching Little League:Justin discusses his experience coaching Little League and the progress he's seen in the kids' skills. He also talks about the challenges of communicating with other coaches who have a different coaching style.+
Snacks and DMs:Justin and Sal discuss healthy snacks for kids' sports games and share hilarious DMs from listeners who credit Mind Pump for getting them laid.+
Vegas Club Mishap:Sal tells a hilarious story about his cousin making out with a porn star in a Vegas club, only to find out later that she was into pegging. The guys tease him relentlessly about it, making for a funny and entertaining conversation.+
Friendly Competition:Adam and the Mind Pump team discuss the possibility of racing Ben Greenfield. While Adam is confident in his sprinting abilities, he admits he wouldn't stand a chance in an endurance race against the Ironman triathlete.+
Ben Greenfield's Fringe Fitness:The hosts discuss Ben Greenfield's approach to fitness and wellness, praising his honesty and dedication to the big picture. They also touch on his exploration of fringe methods and his willingness to share his experiences and those of his guests.+
Fitness Celebrity Drama:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the drama surrounding fitness celebrities, including Lane Norton's engagement with trolls and Ben Greenfield's response to criticism. They question the sustainability of Norton's approach and debate the usefulness of calling out fitness celebrities.+
High School Nostalgia:Justin talks about hanging out with his high school friends and the nostalgia that comes with it. Adam shares a story about a friend who became a pathological liar due to his inability to move on from high school memories.+

6. What Upper Cross Syndrome Is

Fixing Upper Cross Syndrome:Sal and Justin discuss the common posture issue of Upper Cross Syndrome and why working out the chest can actually help improve it. They explain the muscles that are affected by this posture and how to properly stretch and train the chest to increase its range of motion and keep it healthy.+
Proper Chest Workouts:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the importance of proper biomechanics and form when working out the chest to avoid exacerbating upper cross syndrome or rounded shoulders. They emphasize the need to prime the back and retract the shoulders before doing chest exercises and to focus on gaining and achieving more ranges of motion with each rep rather than just adding load.+

7. Myths around Resistance Training

Sal debunks common myths surrounding resistance training, shedding light on the truth behind this popular workout method.Show transcript +

8. Lifting Weights Makes You Tight

Weightlifting Myths:Sal and Justin debunk the myth that lifting weights makes you tight. Proper weightlifting can actually increase your effective range of motion and mobility.+
Bro Science:Adam and Sal discuss the effectiveness of fasted cardio in the morning. While Lane has debunked the idea, Adam argues that the extra hour of movement before the day starts is beneficial. They also touch on the importance of disciplining oneself to spend an hour in the morning.+

9. Not Eating Late at Night

Sal explains why eating late at night might make a difference in your diet, despite the common belief that it's all about calories.+

10. Circadian Rhythm

Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the science behind circadian rhythms and how it affects the body's response to food. They also explore the benefits of eating during the day and the effectiveness of the six-meals-a-day approach in bodybuilding.+

11. Eating a Post-Workout Meal

Post-Workout Recovery:Sal and Justin discuss the importance of transitioning from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state after a workout. They explain how proper nutrition and relaxation aids in recovery and digestion. Sal shares his personal experience with improving gut health through mindful eating.+
Carb Cycling Benefits:Adam and Sal discuss the benefits of carb cycling, including how it helps them understand their body's response to carbs and how it affects their performance and appearance. They also explain why carb cycling is a useful tool for identifying how different foods make you feel.+
Carb cycling benefits:Justin shares his experience of carb cycling before an athletic event which helped him feel energetic. Adam suggests carb cycling to all his clients and teaches them how to do it. The group discusses how anecdotal evidence can be more effective than scientific explanations.+

12. Adrenal Fatigue

Sal explains that adrenal fatigue is a name given to a list of symptoms, including fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and inability to acclimate to different temperatures. Although the medical community disagrees with the term, the treatment for these symptoms is working effectively.+

13. Hpa Axis Dysfunction

HPA Axis Dysfunction:Sal explains the dysfunction between the Hypothalamus, the Pituitary and the Adrenals, and how bro science tries to explain it. He also clarifies that it's not the Adrenals getting fatigued, but the relationship between the hormones that matters. Title: Sweet Sweat Body Cream Topics: Thermogenic cream, Burning body fat Summary: The hosts discuss the old thermogenic body cream, Sweet Sweat, and its premise of increasing sweat to burn more body fat. They also joke about the old ads featuring attractive women and read the ingredients, including an unknown substance called "white snow".+
Shitty Cookhead Cream:Sal expresses his disdain for a product that makes false promises and has a ridiculous ingredient list, including petroleum and wax. The cream does nothing but make you sweat more in a particular area.+

14. Sweating Myths

Sweating Myths:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the myth that rubbing Sweet Sweat on your body can burn fat. They explain that it only makes you sweat more and that nothing can burn fat directly from a specific area. They also discuss the benefits of saunas and how they can increase your core temperature.+
Mind Pump Banter:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the fitness industry's gimmicks and shortcuts, including sweat-inducing creams and gels. They also joke about their strengths and weaknesses in a hypothetical Hunger Games-style fight to the death.+

15. Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss their strengths and weaknesses in a survival situation, including sleeping on the ground, stored energy, and hunger. Sal suggests manipulating his partners to kill each other, while Justin fears bugs and not getting enough sleep.+
Surviving Alone:The Mind Pump hosts discuss the TV show Alone, where contestants are dropped off in remote locations and must survive with limited resources. They delve into the psychological challenges of being alone and the unforgiving nature of the wilderness.+
Fasting and Survival:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the longest recorded fast, which was over a year, and how it's possible for severely obese people to survive without food for such a long time. They also talk about the challenges of surviving in the wilderness without knowing how to hunt or catch food efficiently.+
Surviving in the Wild:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the struggles of surviving in the wild and the original Paleo diet. They talk about how some contestants on survival shows have to resort to eating bugs and shrubs and how difficult it is to catch fish without proper equipment.+