Published October 2019 on YouTube

Mind Pump Episode #1152 | Why You Should Powerlift

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Sal discusses the principles and concepts of powerlifting, including the muscles involved in the three main lifts, aesthetic effects, and the value of shifting from body image to performance-centric training. He also introduces the newest Maps program, Maps Powerlift, which is designed for experienced lifters or those looking to benefit from powerlifting concepts.+

2. Performance Over Appearance

Performance Over Appearance:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the importance of focusing on performance and personal records (PRs) in fitness rather than just appearance. They attribute the rise in popularity of PRs to CrossFit and how it highlighted the benefits of strength training. The group agrees that programming for powerlifting is a better recommendation for clients than CrossFit.+
Appearance vs Performance:Sal and Justin discuss how focusing on performance can lead to improved appearance, rather than the other way around. They talk about the subjective nature of appearance and the objective nature of strength, and the importance of progressive overload in training. Adam adds his perspective on the value of powerlifting as a structured form of exercise for most people.+

3. What is competitive powerlifting?

Sal and Justin discuss the benefits of powerlifting and how it can benefit most people looking to get stronger. They explain how powerlifting's focus on the three core lifts - bench press, squat, and deadlift - can have more value than any other combination of exercises. They also discuss how powerlifting can be less taxing on the body than other forms of competitive lifting, making it a great option for those with limited time or highly stressed individuals.+

4. Core Lifts Matter

Core Lifts' Carryover:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of focusing on core lifts such as deadlifts, squats, and bench presses in strength training. These exercises send the loudest muscle-building signal, and mastering them can lead to an easier transition to other exercises.+
Powerlifting Principles:Sal explains how powerlifting principles can help you develop maximal strength and build a well-rounded body. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on the bench, deadlift, and squat as the cornerstones of your routine and incorporating other exercises that help you get better at those movements. Powerlifting style training can also burn the most body fat and boost metabolism in the most positive way.+

5. Benefits of Maximal Strength

Sal and Adam discuss the benefits of maximal strength, including its carryover to other forms of strength. Adam shares a trainer tip on how to immediately feel the benefits of maximal strength by comparing weights lifted in a deadlift to other exercises.+

6. Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding

Sal and Justin discuss the differences between powerlifting and bodybuilding, including the focus on weight versus muscle activation and the importance of form. They also emphasize the importance of optimizing all aspects of strength training to unlock true potential.+

7. Muscle Building Insights

The Importance of the Central Nervous System:Adam explains the importance of the central nervous system in bodybuilding and powerlifting by using the analogy of speakers and amps. He shares how neglecting powerlifting exercises hindered his progress until he started incorporating them into his training routine, which he believes was the single best thing he ever did for his training.+
Building Muscle with Strength:Sal and Adam discuss the benefits of strength training for building muscle. By increasing the output of your muscles, you send a louder signal to your body to develop them more. Getting stronger is an objective way to measure progress and is often the most effective thing you can do to build muscle.+

8. Strength Training Benefits

Sal and Adam discuss the benefits of strength training, including feeling solid and looking more dense. Adam shares how his focus on deadlifting resulted in a stronger back and overall functional strength.+

9. Strength Motivation

Sal and Justin discuss the power of strength gains as a motivator for clients and the sense of independence it provides. Powerlifting and Olympic lifting principles are also highlighted as beneficial for training.+

10. Objective Strength

Sal and Justin discuss the benefits of powerlifting and how its objective principles have led to effective training methods. They highlight the importance of focusing on objective results and how it can lead to success in strength training.+

11. Strength as a Signal

Sal and Adam discuss the importance of strength as a signal for progress and weight loss. They explain how strength gains indicate that the metabolism isn't slowing down, and that weight loss is likely due to body fat. They also emphasize the difference between exercising and training, and how strength training can speed up metabolism and lead to better results.+

12. Powerlifting Principles

Powerlifting Principles:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the benefits of incorporating powerlifting principles into your workout routine, regardless of your fitness goals. They explain how powerlifting simplifies training down to the core and gets rid of subjective guesswork. Despite its intimidating name, powerlifting can benefit anyone who lifts weights and focuses on the three best movements done in the best way possible.+
Powerlifting Principles:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the principles of powerlifting and how they apply to bodybuilding and strength training. They also touch on the changing perception of powerlifting and how it can benefit people of all ages and genders.Show transcript +

13. Liberation Through Powerlifting

Liberation Through Powerlifting:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the liberating effects of powerlifting on one's mindset towards body image. They emphasize the importance of focusing on strength gains rather than physical appearance, and how this shift in mindset can lead to a more positive and fulfilling gym experience.+
Strength Over Looks:Sal shares a story of a client who was obsessed with counting calories and weighing himself. Sal advised him to focus on getting stronger and not worry about his weight. The client gained muscle, burned body fat, and felt liberated from being body obsessed. Sal recommends powerlifting style training for most people to benefit from.+

14. Powerlifting Insights

Powerlifting Training:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the benefits and potential risks of powerlifting training. They emphasize the importance of maintaining mobility and reducing the risk of injury, and recommend training with powerlifting principles without the use of accessories if not planning to compete. They also mention the inclusion of coaching in their powerlifting maps program.+
Maps Powerlift Program:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss their new Maps Powerlift program, which focuses on powerlifting but includes their own training expertise. The program includes coaching cues and covers mobility and priming, making it accessible to the general population. The hosts are excited to follow the program themselves and share their journey with listeners. They also offer a launch special with a discount code and free T-shirts for the first enrollees.+