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#1218 | How A Poor Muscle Connection Impacts Muscle Growth, Joint Pain Relief, Diet Breaks & MORE

1. <Untitled Chapter 1>

Fitness News and Supplements:Sal and Adam discuss the latest in fitness news, including a new supplement Sal is trying and the documentary SUPs on Amazon. They also talk about the evolution of protein powders and the demonization of high protein diets.+
Joint Health and Carnivore Diet:Sal and Justin discuss correctional exercise and supplements for joint pain, give their opinion on the carnivore diet, and talk about the benefits of diet breaks. They also promote their high-intensity interval training program, Maps HIIT.+

2. Black Ant Extract

Sal shares his experience with a new supplement he discovered called black ant extract, which is a potent libido booster used in Chinese medicine for centuries. The extract is made from ground up ants and Sal found it to have stimulating properties.+

3. Supplement Industry Insights

Evolution of Supplements:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the history of supplements, from snake oil to modern-day products. They delve into the marketing geniuses behind the biggest players in the industry and how science and marketing paired up to dominate the market. They also touch on lesser-known companies and their contributions to the evolution of supplements.+
Supplement Industry Secrets:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the documentary on supplements and its connection to the supplement industry. They delve into the history of Creatine and how it became a blockbuster supplement. Sal explains how the industry branches off of successful products to continue selling to consumers.+
Creatine Marketing:Sal and Adam discuss the marketing strategies used for creatine and how Bill Phillips introduced it to the masses, making it a popular supplement for everyone, not just bodybuilders. They also talk about the different versions of creatine and how monohydrate is still the best form.+

4. Protein Powder Evolution

Evolution of Protein Powders:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the evolution of protein powders from dry milk to whey to plant-based proteins. They also touch on the history of protein powders, including the first protein powder, Muscle Builder, and its origins from Ovaltine. The chapter ends with a discussion on how a little-known company bought up three of the biggest supplement companies and dominated the market.+
Evolution of Supplements:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the evolution of the supplement industry and how it has shifted from being geared towards bodybuilders to a massive market for the average person trying to improve their health. They also touch on the use of ephedra in supplements and its connection to meth, and the current regulation of the supplement market.+

5. Trigger Sessions Revolution

Trigger Sessions Revolution:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the benefits of trigger sessions, a low-intensity workout that lasts for eight to ten minutes. They talk about how trigger sessions can help get a pump in the muscle and how it is one of the most universal revolutionary training things that came out of Maps.+
Easy Trigger Sessions:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the benefits of easy trigger sessions, a simple and effective way to pump blood into muscles and speed up recovery time. They emphasize that it's not a workout and can be done with bands throughout the day. The sessions can energize the rest of your workouts and lead to composition changes and fat loss in a short period of time.+

6. Effective Soviet Technique

Sal and Justin discuss a Soviet training technique that involves using the same weight until it becomes easy before adding more weight. This technique is said to have been one of the reasons why the Soviets dominated weightlifting for so long.+

7. Weight Loss Reality Shows

Emotional Draw:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the emotional draw of The Biggest Loser and how the show's storytelling and casting suck viewers in emotionally. Despite not being fans of the show, they found themselves emotionally invested and even holding back tears at times.+
The Biggest Loser Critique:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss their thoughts on The Biggest Loser and its entertainment value versus its effectiveness as a fitness program. They critique the way contestants are trained and eliminated, and emphasize that it should not be used as a source of information for working out or eating right.+
Weight Loss Reality Show:The hosts discuss the training approach of a weight loss reality show and how it may not be appropriate for the contestants. They also mention how an ex-athlete may have an advantage in muscle memory and mental toughness, but a disadvantage metabolically.+
The Dark Side:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the dark side of weight loss shows that promote extreme exercise and dieting. They argue that this approach is inappropriate for long-term success and can lead to negative relationships with exercise.+
Maintaining Long-Term Fitness:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of discipline and motivation in achieving fitness goals, but also acknowledge that it's not sustainable for most people. They emphasize the need to integrate fitness into one's regular life to maintain success. The group also predicts which trainer from a fitness reality show will be the most successful based on their likability and emotional pull.+
Planet Fitness and Reality TV:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the reality TV show "The Titan Games" and how it promotes unrealistic fitness goals. They also highlight how Planet Fitness is marketing themselves brilliantly to the show's demographic.+
Gym Business Model:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the business model of low-priced gyms like Planet Fitness. They explain how the model targets people who sign up but don't come, and how offering free pizza helps keep them paying. The hosts also touch on the high cost of running a gym and the profitability of this business model.+

8. Mayhem Sell

Adam shares the story of Allstate's 2015 Mayhem Sell advertising campaign, which warned people not to overshare on social media by staging a burglary of a couple's home while they were at the Rose Bowl. The campaign went viral, resulting in millions of dollars for Allstate and a surge in website traffic.+

9. Protein and Health

Protein and Health:Sal discusses how the vegan movement is trying to demonize protein and how a new study suggests that high protein diets could increase heart attack risk. However, Sal explains that high amounts of protein are only bad in certain contexts, such as in a high inflammatory high calorie diet.+
Protein Powder Debate:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the recent debate surrounding protein powder and its potential negative effects. While some are demonizing protein, the hosts argue that it is an essential macronutrient, especially for those looking to build muscle. They also highlight the importance of context when it comes to diet and nutrition.+

10. Joint Pain Solutions

Joint Pain Solutions:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the causes of chronic joint pain and how to alleviate it through proper exercise and movement. They emphasize the importance of optimizing joint mobility to prevent long-term pain and discomfort.+
Joint Mechanics:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss how taking supplements can help aid joint pain, but it's important to address the root problem of poor joint mechanics through proper posture and joint function. They introduce Maps prime pro, a program designed to test and improve the mechanics of every major joint in the body. Sal uses the analogy of a sliding door to explain how even subtle imbalances in joint mechanics can lead to wear and tear over time.+
Joint Pain Solutions:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the causes of joint pain and how inflammation can exacerbate the issue. They suggest working on mobility and reducing inflammation through diet and supplements to alleviate pain and avoid creating movement patterns that cause more pain over time. They caution against relying on strong anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, which block inflammation rather than modulating it.+
Anti-inflammatory Supplements:Sal explains how chronic use of anti-inflammatory drugs can promote joint degeneration and reduce muscle building effects. He suggests using supplements like Organifi's Move, which contains ingredients that modulate inflammation and produce an appropriate inflammatory response. However, he emphasizes that supplements alone won't overcome a poor diet and lifestyle habits.+

11. Muscle Connection

Building Muscles Connection:Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss how building muscles is all about movement patterns and muscle connection. They explain how poor connectivity can affect muscle development and provide examples of how to connect to target muscles better to change the effectiveness of an exercise.+
Muscle Connection:Justin, Adam, and Sal discuss the importance of consciously recruiting muscles and connecting with them during exercises. They emphasize the significance of correct exercise techniques and how it can make a difference in muscle development.+

12. Carnivore Thoughts

Thoughts on Carnivore:Adam and Sal discuss the Carnivore diet, acknowledging its health benefits for certain individuals but also recognizing its limitations and lack of balance. They caution against the diet industry's tendency to divide and conquer, emphasizing the importance of individualized approaches to nutrition.+
The Carnivore Diet:Sal and Justin discuss the carnivore diet, its marketing appeal, and whether it's a good fit for everyone. While some people with food intolerances may benefit from it, most people need a variety of foods for optimal health.+
Simple Carnivore Diet:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the simplicity of the carnivore diet and how it can aid in weight loss. They also touch on the elimination of certain social values and the diet's counter to veganism.+

13. Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the concept of mindful eating and how it's not about taking breaks from a diet, but rather adopting a healthy eating pattern that includes occasional indulgences for the sake of enjoyment. They emphasize the importance of being mindful of what you eat and making conscious decisions based on your activity level and goals.+
Healthy Relationship with Food:Sal discusses the two extremes of having an unhealthy relationship with food - seeing food only for its nutritional value or only for its hedonistic value. He emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between the two to have a healthy relationship with food.+
Developing Food Balance:Sal and Adam discuss how to develop balance when it comes to food. They emphasize the importance of understanding the values of food, including both the hedonistic and nutritional aspects. By making conscious decisions based on these values, one can avoid the need for a diet break and maintain a healthy relationship with food.+
Healthy Relationship with Food:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the importance of having a healthy relationship with food and avoiding the stress and neuroticism that can come with strict dieting. They emphasize the importance of balancing nutrition with enjoying social events and building deep relationships, as stress and relationships are just as important to overall health as diet.+