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1008: How to Improve the Mind to Muscle Connection, the Least Effective Exercises You Can Do,...

1. Mind Pump

Sal discusses the benefits of mushroom supplements for athletic performance, immune system, stress management, and body composition. He recommends Four Sigmatic's mushroom supplements and offers a discount code for listeners.+

2. Fitness Questions For Dad

Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the most overused and least effective exercises in the gym and rank their benefits. They also share tips on improving the mind to muscle connection and whether or not to work out when sick.+

3. Fitness Programs & Mushroom Benefits

Fitness Programs:Sal discusses the various fitness programs available on, catering to different fitness levels and goals. He also mentions the advanced Maps Split program, which is currently 50% off.+
Mushroom Benefits:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the various benefits of mushrooms, including their adaptogenic qualities that help the body reach homeostasis and make them suitable for general stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep. They also touch on the different types of mushrooms and their specific effects, such as cordyceps for performance and reishi for anti-inflammatory and immunosupportive properties.+

4. Organifi Protein Vs. Chaga

Sal and Adam discuss the benefits of mushrooms and protein powders, including the dual extraction process used by Four Sigmatic and the superior taste of Organifi protein compared to typical vegan protein powders. They also mention Arya's impressive win at a bodybuilding competition and the unique trophy he received.+

5. How To Survive A Home Burglary

Home Security Weapons:Sal shares his experience of being burgled and his hyper-vigilance afterwards. He bought a sword and crossbow for self-defense but realized it would be difficult to use them effectively. He emphasizes the importance of mental preparation when defending oneself.+
Home Protection Weapons:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the best weapons for home protection and the advantages and disadvantages of using a shotgun versus a handgun. They debate the effectiveness of buckshot and birdshot and question the distance between an intruder and the homeowner during a break-in.+

6. Home Defense Laws

Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the laws surrounding self-defense in California, specifically when it comes to defending your home against burglars. They explore the legal loopholes and risks involved in using lethal force, and debate the best methods for protecting oneself and one's property.+

7. New Pet Responsibilities

Sal discusses the value of having a pet for kids and the responsibility it brings. The group talks about the pros and cons of different pets, including guinea pigs, rabbits, and lizards. Justin shares his experience with a high-maintenance lizard and the importance of teaching kids responsibility.+

8. Getting rid of your chicken yard

Justin talks about getting rid of his chickens and his plans to turn his backyard into an outdoor oasis with a deck and zip lines. Sal admits he's not handy and would need to call Justin for help.+

9. How many chickens do you have?

Justin, Sal, and Adam discuss the ups and downs of owning chickens and the potential challenges of owning a guinea pig. They share tips on animal care and the importance of spending time with pets.+

10. Doug Strucker On Want A Dog

Dog Preferences:Sal and Adam discuss their differing preferences in dog breeds, while Sal reflects on the aesthetics of his own movement and the importance of mobility work as he ages.+
Neck Mobility:Sal discusses his lack of neck mobility due to his experience in judo and jujitsu, and how he's working to improve it. Adam talks about how mobility work has been a game changer for him, allowing him to comfortably sit in deep positions for extended periods of time.+
Overcoming Physical Limitations:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss how the body has the potential to adapt and overcome physical limitations through consistent exercise and mobility practices. They emphasize the importance of adopting these practices as a lifelong habit rather than sporadically attempting to improve.+

11. Mobility Habits

Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the importance of creating daily habits to improve mobility. They share their personal practices, such as the zone one test and shifting weight on the outside of feet, that have become a part of their daily routine. The hosts emphasize the need to put in the work to see progress and maintain mobility.+

12. The Space Race

Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the space race between Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, exploring the potential benefits of space exploration for WiFi and the market competition between private companies. They predict that private companies will do it faster, cheaper, and better than governments ever have done.+

13. Moon and Technology

Moon Real Estate:The Mind Pump hosts discuss the ownership of the Moon and the potential for private companies to put a station on it. They also talk about the private market competing for space and the possibility of mining asteroids in the future. The conversation also touches on the potential impact of satellite networks on the Earth's WiFi.+
The Future of Technology:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the potential risks and benefits of providing WiFi to the world and the impact of rapidly advancing technology on human health. They also touch on the psychological effects of increased lifespan and the challenges that come with having everything you want.+

14. The Real Threats to Jobs

Fear of AI:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the fear of AI replacing jobs and how it's not a new concept. They argue that instead of worrying about a material utopia, people should be concerned about the spiritual and psychological challenges that come with not having to work for a living.+
The Challenge Ahead:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the challenges that come with material abundance and the potential psychological and spiritual struggles that may arise as a result. They touch on the importance of parenting and the dangers of being spoiled, and Sal suggests that the real challenge we will face in the future is finding meaning and purpose in a world where material needs are easily met.+

15. McDonald's Tech Deal

McDonald's is responding to the decline of eating out and the rise of minimum wage by automating everything and making smart menus that track people's buying behaviors.+

16. McDonald's vs Starbucks: The App

Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss McDonald's new app and how it will automate the ordering process. They predict that fast food restaurants will need to adapt to automation in order to keep up with rising labor costs.+

17. On Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage Myths:Adam and Sal discuss the origins of minimum wage laws and how they were created to prevent black laborers from taking the work of white laborers. They also talk about how raising the minimum wage can have unintended consequences, such as making it difficult for businesses to pay their managers more than their hourly employees.+
Minimum Wage Myths:Sal and Adam discuss the negative impacts of minimum wage laws on the disenfranchised and young people, making them unemployable and dependent on the welfare system. They also highlight how eliminating laws on fixing the price can provide opportunities for those who want to build experience and prove their worth.+

18. Anabolic Squad

Doug promotes Max Anabolic, a product that maximizes muscle and strength. The product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.+

19. Ineffective Exercises

Overused Exercises:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the most overused and least effective exercises in fitness. They agree that plyometrics are often misused and can be dangerous if not done properly. They emphasize the importance of reinforcing joints and mechanics before adding speed and acceleration to the mix.+
Individualized Exercise:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss how resistance training can be highly individualized and how exercises can be effective or ineffective based on the person and their goals. They emphasize the importance of proper form and intent in performing exercises and how any movement can be effective if done correctly.+
Olympic Lifts and Useless Exercises:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the effectiveness of Olympic lifts and the importance of choosing exercises based on individual goals and needs. They also touch on the topic of useless exercises and the importance of considering the risk and skill required for each exercise.+

20. Do Exercises Have Value?

Sal explains how certain exercises have a lot of benefits for different goals and people, using barbell squats as an example. He lists various benefits of the exercise, including improving power, hip and ankle mobility, and lower body aesthetics.+

21. Overused Exercises

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss exercises that are overused and often done incorrectly in the gym, including plyometrics, machines, and single joint exercises. They emphasize the importance of focusing on movements that help with squatting, deadlifting, pressing, and rowing for beginners. They also mention the balance craze that entered the gym years ago and how it was overdone.+

22. Mind-Muscle Connection

Mind-Muscle Connection:Justin, Adam, and Sal discuss the importance of the mind-muscle connection in fitness and how isometric exercises can help improve it. They share tips on how to feel specific muscles during exercises and how to use isometrics to amplify the communication channel between the mind and muscles.+
Mind-Muscle Connection:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of the mind-muscle connection and how it can improve muscle activation during workouts. By focusing on feeling and controlling the muscle being worked, individuals can make exercises more effective and target specific muscle groups.+
Mind to Muscle:Sal explains the importance of the mind-muscle connection and how to achieve it by putting the muscle in its fully contracted position and squeezing it with resistance. Justin adds that focusing on single joint movements can help understand how the body responds, leading to better multi-joint movements.+

23. MAPS Prime: The Anabolic Program

Sal and Adam discuss the importance of muscle priming before workouts and how it can help improve muscle connection. By spending 10-15 minutes priming the muscle in question, you can get a better feel for how to perform the movement and target the muscle. This technique can be applied to any workout routine and can lead to better results over time.+

24. Workout Advice for Sick People

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the misconception that exercising when sick can boost the immune system. While being active can strengthen the immune system in the long run, exercising during illness can add stress to the body and take resources away from fighting the illness. They recommend low-intensity activities like mobility and stretching instead.+

25. How to Train When Sick

Rest and Exercise:Sal explains that rest is important when you're sick, but too much rest can also become a stress on the body. Justin and Adam share their thoughts on exercising while sick, with Adam cautioning those who love to work out to pull back when they're feeling unwell.+
Working Out While Sick:Sal shares his experience of working out while sick and the dangers of pushing oneself too hard. The hosts also discuss the importance of taking care of one's health and using natural remedies like elderberry to boost the immune system.+
Natural remedies:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss natural remedies to boost the immune system and prevent sickness. They mention the benefits of elderberry, echinacea, and adaptogens like chaga, as well as the conflicting evidence on the effectiveness of vitamin C and the proven benefits of zinc lozenges.+

26. Fatherhood Anticipation

Fatherhood Anticipation:Sal and Justin share their experiences with fatherhood and how the anticipation of having a child can be different for men compared to women. They discuss the overwhelming feeling of responsibility and fragility that comes with bringing a newborn home.+
Parenting Advice:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of going easy on yourself as a parent and not being too hard on your kids or dogs. They share personal experiences and offer advice on how to handle frustrating situations.+

27. Baby's Sleep Patterns

Justin shares how consistent sleep patterns made a big difference in his children's behavior and how it helped them sleep through the night more effectively. He emphasizes the importance of respecting children's need for sleep and how it can positively impact their behavior.+

28. Parenting Insights

Parenting Advice:Adam and Sal discuss parenting with Justin, who shares his experience of regretting not prioritizing food habits for his second child. Sal advises Adam to avoid becoming a stress case and to prioritize spending time with his partner, even if it means scheduling it in advance.+
Preparing for a Baby:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the challenges of scheduling and preparing for a baby. They give advice on creating new habits and listening to your intuition as a parent. They also mention the importance of utilizing help and not overthinking the process.+

29. The RGB Super Bundle

Doug discusses the RGB Super Bundle, a comprehensive exercise program designed by Sal, Adam, and Justin to transform your body's performance and appearance. The bundle includes workout blueprints and over 200 videos, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.+