Published March 2019 on YouTube

980: Five Steps to Your Best Body by Summer

1. Summer Body Steps

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the five most important first steps to take to get the best body by summer. They provide effective tips for listeners to get in shape quickly and long-term.+

2. MAPS Aesthetic

Sal announces a promotion for their Maps Aesthetic fitness program, which is focused on sculpting and shaping the body for a bodybuilder or bikini competitor physique. Listeners can get 50% off by using the code "black 50" at

3. The Virtual Sex Girl

Gaming and Parenting:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the evolution of video games and how it affects parenting. Sal shares his struggle with limiting his kids' gaming time while acknowledging the variety and quality of games available today. They also talk about the rise of game streaming services and how it's becoming the next big thing in the gaming industry.+
Virtual Sex Girl:Sal introduces the concept of a virtual sex girl and the team discusses the technology behind it. They share their thoughts on whether or not they would try it and speculate on the future of this technology.+

4. Immersion is the New IQ

Attention Economy:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the attention economy and the importance of focus and critical thinking in a world where access to information is becoming easier. They also touch on the psychology behind conspiracy theories and how pushing back against them may actually make them grow.+
Flat Earth Propaganda:Sal explains how the propaganda technique of "the big lie" is used to make people believe in the flat Earth theory, and the Mind Pump hosts discuss the importance of challenging false beliefs with empirical data and sound scientific practices.+

5. Getting Lean For The Summer

Sal discusses the importance of planning ahead for getting in shape for summer, emphasizing that it's not a last-minute task.+

6. 5 Steps for the Best Body by Summer

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of taking tangible steps towards health and fitness goals. They emphasize the need to track current habits and make small changes for long-term success. Adam stresses the importance of not procrastinating and setting oneself up for success by creating good habits.+

7. Tracking Nutrition Tips

Tracking Nutrient Intake:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of tracking nutrient intake and how most people are unaware of how many calories they consume. They emphasize the importance of tracking to accurately determine starting points for individual goals.+
Tracking Nutrition:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of tracking your food and provide tips on how to do it effectively. They emphasize the need to weigh and measure your food and pay attention to what you're drinking. Tracking your food is essential to working on your diet and nutrition and cutting out huge swaths of food is not a good long-term strategy.+
Tracking Nutrition:Justin, Adam, and Sal discuss the importance of tracking nutrition and how it can help identify areas of improvement in one's diet. They highlight the main areas to focus on, including protein, fats, carbs, fiber, and sugar, and offer tips for tracking without overwhelming clients.+

8. Essential Proteins

Adam and Sal discuss the importance of getting enough protein and fats in your diet. By focusing on these essential macronutrients, clients naturally reduce their sugar and carb intake, leading to a more balanced diet.+

9. How to Track Your Food

Healthy Macronutrient Sources:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of good sources of macronutrients and food quality. They recommend animal meats, high-quality dairy, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, and whole natural foods as healthy sources of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. They also suggest staying away from processed forms of carbohydrates to avoid overeating.+
Tracking and Movement:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of tracking and how it helps to determine maintenance calories. They also talk about how movement throughout the day, such as chores and hiking, can add up and burn more calories than just working out.+
Movement Tracking:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the importance of tracking movement in relation to calorie burn and making healthy choices. They share personal experiences and offer simple ways to track movement without expensive equipment.+

10. Consistency and Sustainability

Tracking Consistency:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of consistency in fitness tracking, regardless of the device used. They emphasize the need to create new behaviors and gradually increase goals, rather than obsessing over specific numbers.+
Sustainable Habits:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of creating sustainable habits to maintain fitness and health. They suggest incorporating small activities like walking throughout the day and making it a part of daily life, rather than just relying on a 30-minute cardio session at the gym. By doing so, it becomes easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve relationships.+

11. More Movement for the Summer

Movement and Relationships:Justin and Sal discuss how incorporating movement into everyday tasks can benefit not only your physical health, but also your relationships with those around you. They share practical tips on how to increase movement and become more aware of daily activity levels.+
Quick Fitness Tips:Justin, Adam, and Sal share quick fitness tips that can easily be incorporated into daily routines. Adam suggests using colored stickers as reminders to do simple exercises throughout the day, while Sal emphasizes the importance of creating healthy habits and being mindful of calorie intake for weight loss.+
Cutting Calories:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of preparing your metabolism before cutting calories. They suggest increasing calorie intake with healthier options and strength training to speed up metabolism. Additionally, they caution against cutting too many calories at once and recommend researching healthy calorie intake for your body size and weight.+

12. Smart Calorie Cutting

Metabolism and Calorie Cutting:Adam and Sal discuss their preferred calorie intake for male and female clients before cutting, with Adam aiming for 2500 for women and 3500 for men. They also emphasize the importance of building up metabolism before cutting and not letting calories drop too low, with Sal not letting women go below 1500 and men below 2000.+
Avoiding Extreme Cuts:Sal and Justin warn listeners about the dangers of extreme cuts and how it can lead to potential rebound and an increase in fat cells. They explain how the body prepares for the next round of low and high calories by adding fat cells, making it important to lose body fat the right way.+

13. Cut Your Diet

Cutting Carbs:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the most commonly abused macronutrient and where to direct clients when cutting. They suggest tapering down on carbohydrate intake as an easier transition and cycling carbohydrate intake to help with calorie deficit. They also emphasize the importance of focusing on training instead of just restricting calories and doing cardio.+
Building Muscle, Losing Fat:Sal and Adam discuss the benefits of combining proper exercise with a calorie deficit diet. By doing so, you can lose body fat while maintaining or even gaining muscle, which speeds up your metabolism and allows you to consume more calories while still losing body fat. Adam emphasizes the importance of building muscle and not just focusing on weight loss on the scale.+
Building Muscle for Fat Loss:Sal and Adam discuss how building muscle is the best way to work out for fat loss. They recommend lifting weights traditionally and balancing it out with a high calorie diet. Adam suggests focusing on increasing steps week over week until introducing cardio becomes necessary.+

14. How to Get More Steps in a Day

Sal and Adam discuss the importance of having the right attitude towards exercise. They suggest focusing on improving performance rather than just burning calories. Sal recommends strength training to offset the negatives of a calorie deficit, while Adam suggests starting with walking before introducing cardio to create new habits and behaviors.+

15. Sleep is Essential for Good Health

Importance of Sleep:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of sleep in relation to recovery and exercise. They explain how lack of sleep can lead to increased cravings, decreased muscle building, and difficulty adapting to exercise. They also touch on the evolution of sleep and how modern technology and stimulants can affect our ability to get quality sleep.+
Sleep and Exercise:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of sleep for exercise and overall health. Lack of sleep can lead to a smaller stress bucket, negating the positive effects of exercise. They also touch on the dangers of being a cortisol junkie and the need for structured activity in modern life.Show transcript +

16. Sleep Quality and Intimacy

Rest and Repair:Sal shares the importance of creating a sleep routine to allow for natural periods of rest and repair. He suggests either turning off all electronics and going by candlelight or wearing blue blocker glasses to block out blue light before bed. Avoiding stressful situations and scheduling at least 7-8 hours of sleep is also crucial for optimal rest and repair.+
Optimal Habits:Adam, Justin and Sal discuss the importance of developing healthy habits early on in life. They emphasize the benefits of good sleep and how it can improve muscle building, fat burning, and overall performance. They also stress the importance of breaking bad habits, such as watching TV in bed, to improve sleep quality.+
Fitness Simplified:Sal and Justin discuss the five things you need to do to get your body lean and fit, including tracking your calories and macros. They also mention free resources available on Mind Pump's website. The guest promotes the RGB Super Bundle, a discounted exercise program designed by Sal, Adam, and Justin to transform your body.+