Published November 2019 on YouTube

Mind Pump Episode #1172 | 4 Ways To Change Your Workout For Maximum Results

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Sal, Justin, and the team discuss the four most important ways to change your workouts for maximum results. They emphasize the importance of changing your goals and working backwards from there. The team covers correctional exercise, building strength, and overall athletic functional performance. They also touch on bodybuilding and body sculpting type training and why it's important to focus on just that goal.+

2. Changing Your Routine

Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the importance of changing your workout routine to avoid plateauing and achieve maximum results. They share insights on how following the same program can hinder progress and offer four major ways to switch up your routine.+

3. Changing Fitness Goals

Changing Workout Goals:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of changing workout goals to achieve long-term success in fitness. They suggest that rather than just changing exercises, people should change their fitness goals and plan their workouts accordingly. They also emphasize the value of personal trainers in helping clients take a different path and achieve their goals.+
Shifting Fitness Goals:Justin, Adam, and Sal discuss the importance of shifting fitness goals and how it can lead to continual progress. By changing your routine to include different pursuits, such as mobility or strength training, you can expand your capacity and push beyond your limits. This allows you to achieve your overall fitness goals in a more systematic way.+

4. Correctional Exercise

Correctional Exercise:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the importance of correctional exercise in building a solid foundation for fitness goals. By addressing imbalances and bad movement patterns, individuals can improve their mobility and capability for strength and athletic performance. Correctional exercise should be a goal for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.+
Maximizing Potential:Sal explains how correctional exercise is about expanding upon your potential by setting up the best movement patterns possible. By focusing on intention and solidifying movement patterns, individuals can achieve better results in their physical pursuits.+
Body Awareness:Justin, Adam, and Sal discuss the importance of understanding your body's needs and compensations through movement. By focusing on correctional exercises and movements, individuals can see quick progress and improvements in chronic pain.+
Setting Fitness Goals:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of setting fitness goals and implementing correctional exercises to improve movement patterns. They emphasize the need to focus on technique before intensity and to revisit technique even as an advanced athlete.+
Correctional Exercise:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of correctional exercise in fitness, emphasizing the need to focus on technique before building strength. Correctional exercise movements are different from traditional muscle building exercises and require more frequency and shorter periods of time. The intention behind the exercise is also an important factor to consider.+
Correctional Exercise:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of correctional exercise and how to properly incorporate it into your fitness routine. They emphasize the need for short, frequent workouts with moderate intensity to challenge the body and create new movement patterns. Technique is also crucial, as practicing proper form will prevent the reinforcement of bad habits.+

5. Strength Training Benefits

Strength Training Foundation:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of strength training as the foundation for all physical pursuits, and how neglecting it can hinder progress towards fitness goals. They share personal experiences of focusing solely on aesthetics and bodybuilding, and encourage listeners to incorporate low rep strength training into their workouts for maximal strength gains.+
Strength Training Benefits:Sal and Justin discuss the benefits of incorporating a pure strength training phase into your workout routine, including increased strength, taking focus off body image, and boosting metabolism.+
Strength-based Training:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the characteristics of strength-based training, including fewer exercises, compound movements, low reps, high sets, and longer rest periods. They also touch on the importance of focusing on strength and picking the best exercises for maximal results.+
Strength Training Benefits:Sal and Adam discuss the benefits of strength training, including strengthening tendons and ligaments, improving bone health, and helping clients with body image issues. They emphasize that strength training has value for all goals, and even a few weeks of pure strength training can be beneficial.Show transcript +
Strength Training Benefits:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of strength training for weight loss and building a strong, solid body. They explain how strength training can help increase metabolism and burn fat, and how it can be difficult to convince clients to focus on strength training instead of just cardio. They also mention how old school bodybuilders used strength training to achieve a solid, tight looking body.+

6. Athletic Performance Training

Athletic Performance Training:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the importance of training for athletic performance and how it can benefit those who focus heavily on strength and powerlifting. They explain how this type of training can improve functional performance and mobility, making you more capable in real-world situations.+
Multiplaneer Workouts:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of multidirectional exercises in athletic training and real-life situations. They stress the importance of training muscles in different planes and directions to promote good movement and fluid expression through all positions.+
Jump Box Training:Adam shares his experience of losing the skill of decelerating from a jump box and emphasizes the importance of training beyond what we encounter in everyday life, especially as we age. Sal adds that training above and beyond helps us handle everyday tasks with ease.+
Building Endurance:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of endurance and stamina in overall health and fitness. They explain how athletic training can help improve endurance and stamina, which in turn can contribute to achieving other fitness goals. They also highlight how lack of endurance and stamina can hinder progress and suggest spending time improving athletic performance.+

7. Body Sculpting Benefits

Body Sculpting Benefits:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the benefits of body sculpting, including the importance for athletes and power lifters. They emphasize the transformative effects of developing muscles and stepping out of one's comfort zone.+
Bodybuilding Training:Sal explains how bodybuilding training is different from other kinds of training as it focuses on muscle hypertrophy and sculpting the body like a sculptor. He also highlights how bigger muscles contract harder and how bodybuilding training complements correctional training.+
Bodybuilding for Correctional Exercise:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the benefits of bodybuilding style training for correctional exercise. Bodybuilders are able to connect with individual muscles better than any other type of athlete, making it a great tool for body awareness and correctional exercise.+
Training Intentions:Adam and Justin discuss how their different training intentions have affected their strength and muscle development. Sal explains the unique focus on the pump in bodybuilding training.+
The Importance of the Pump:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of the pump in body sculpting and how it signals muscle growth. They explain how the ability to get a pump in the first place is a good sign that you're hydrated and connecting well to the muscle. The pump can also signal that you're connecting to a muscle and is important for people who have trouble developing certain body parts.+
Shifting Training Mentality:Adam and Sal discuss the difficulty of shifting training mentality from bodybuilding to powerlifting. They emphasize the importance of intent and learning to train both ways for lifelong success.+
Varied Training for Long-Term Progress:Sal advises that to achieve long-term progress, it's important to vary your training goals throughout the year. Instead of just focusing on one goal, switch it up every few months. For example, focus on strength one month, correctional exercise the next, and bodybuilding the following. This will help prevent plateaus and lead to better results in the long run.+