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#1232 | The 5 Most Important Resistance Training Principles

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Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the five most important resistance training principles for building muscle and burning body fat. They also highlight the benefits of Legion's scientifically-backed supplements, which are 100% naturally sweetened and come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Mind Pump listeners can get a full 20% off their first order with the code Mind Pump at checkout.+

2. Resistance Training Principles

Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the principles of resistance training and how it can be used to build muscle, speed up metabolism, and burn body fat. They emphasize that resistance training is different from other forms of exercise and requires outside resistance to be effective. The hosts also explain how resistance training can improve mobility and prevent muscle imbalances.Show transcript +

3. Resistance Training Principles

Adam and Sal discuss the five most important principles when working towards resistance training and the different ways to do it, emphasizing the importance of sufficient resistance for building muscle.+

4. 1 – Do the RIGHT exercises and practice them consistently.

The Importance of Right Exercises:Adam and Sal discuss the importance of doing the right exercises, especially the squat. They argue that the squat is the king of exercises because of its difficulty and value, and that people who can't squat or deadlift should address the issues limiting them from doing so.+
The Hierarchy:Sal explains that there is a clear hierarchy of exercises for resistance training, with some being more effective than others in building muscle and strength. Even if your goal is not to build big muscles, maximizing the muscle building effect will help you reach your goal faster.+
Effective Exercises:Sal and Adam discuss the most effective exercises for strength training, including squats, deadlifts, rows, and presses. They emphasize the importance of proper form and addressing any pain or discomfort during these exercises. They also mention the value of programs like Maps Prime and Maps Prime Pro to help individuals improve their form and address any issues.+
Fundamental Movements:Sal emphasizes the importance of fundamental movements in exercise and how he would blow his clients' minds by incorporating deadlifts and squats into their routines. He also shares how he helped Doug, who had a bad back, by focusing on deadlifts.+
Joint Health & Exercise:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the importance of joint function and how exercise can improve joint health. They emphasize the value of practicing exercises that allow for proper movement and technique, and the benefits of strength training for overall joint health.+

5. 2 – Use the PROPER technique.

Importance of Proper Form:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of proper form in exercises to reduce the risk of injury and develop a well-proportioned body. They emphasize that even small deviations from proper form can turn a safe exercise into a dangerous one. Justin highlights the importance of learning proper form to understand and fix pain and tightness.+
Mastering Technique:Adam and Justin discuss the importance of technique in lifting, specifically referencing Olympic lifters. They emphasize that perfecting technique is key to achieving the greatest expression of strength and that it allows for safe and effective lifting.+
Perfecting Exercise Technique:Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of proper exercise technique for achieving fitness goals and the responsibility of trainers to ensure their clients use good form. They emphasize the value of feeling good technique and the importance of focusing on every rep rather than just counting them.+

6. 3 – Get stronger!

Get Stronger:Sal emphasizes the importance of progressive resistance and how it's necessary to get stronger. Using the principle of progressive overload is key to see progress in your workouts.+
Building Strength:Sal and Adam discuss the process of building strength and improving technique. They emphasize the importance of consistency and mindset, and remind listeners that progress is not always linear. Even small improvements in technique and strength indicate fundamental changes in the body.+
The Power of Getting Stronger:Sal and Justin discuss the importance of getting stronger in achieving overall health and fitness goals. They emphasize the value of tracking progress and how strength training can benefit everyone, regardless of their fitness objectives.+

7. Finding Optimal Intensity

Appropriate Intensity:Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of appropriate intensity when it comes to building muscle and seeing strength gains. They explain that too little or too much intensity won't get results, and that finding the appropriate amount of intensity is key to achieving your fitness goals.+
Intensity and Frequency:Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the importance of appropriate intensity and frequency in strength training. They emphasize the need to find the right balance between pushing oneself and overdoing it, in order to see consistent progress and avoid injury.+
Optimal Training Dosage:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of finding the perfect dose of training to elicit the most change in the body. Using the analogy of skin adapting to sunlight, they explain how overdoing it can lead to injury and hinder progress.+
Efficient Workouts:Justin, Adam, and Sal discuss the importance of efficient workouts and recovery. They emphasize that it's not always about working harder, but working smarter and allowing for proper recovery in order to progress forward. They also discuss how even advanced lifters need to treat themselves like beginners when they take breaks from consistent training.+

8. 5 – Seek Novelty.

Seek Novelty:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of seeking novelty in training to promote change and adaptation in the body. They explain how manipulating sets and repetitions can be enough to create a new stimulus and promote progress.+
Novelty for Progress:Sal and Adam discuss the importance of novelty in fitness programs and how changing rep ranges can lead to progress. They emphasize that what is most novel to your body is what will give you the greatest change.+
Rep Range Rotation:Adam and Sal discuss the benefits of rotating rep ranges in a structured manner. While constantly changing rep ranges every workout may provide muscle confusion, it's important to allow enough time for the body to adapt and reap the benefits of the new stimulus. Additionally, there is individual variance in how we respond to different exercises and rep ranges, so it's important to learn what works best for our own bodies.+
Changing Up Your Workouts:Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the importance of changing up your workouts to avoid plateaus and measure progress. They suggest manipulating workout novelty by changing rep ranges, sets, and exercises, and emphasize the importance of consistency and measurement to see results.+

9. Core Exercises

Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the importance of core exercises in a workout routine. They emphasize that variations of core exercises should always be included, such as squats, bench presses, and overhead presses. They also mention the importance of tempo and rest as acute variables.+

10. The importance of tempo and rest.

Exercise Tempo:Justin, Adam, and Sal discuss the importance of varying exercise tempo to create different stimuli for the body. They also touch on the benefits of manipulating rest periods for muscle growth and strength.+
Bodybuilding Principles:Adam and Sal discuss the principles of bodybuilding, including the importance of seeking novelty in workouts. Bodybuilders are experts at manipulating their bodies to achieve aesthetic goals, and changing sets, reps, and exercises is key to achieving this. Rest periods are also important, with a range of 30 seconds to three minutes recommended for most people.+