Can powerlifting build muscle?

Sal Di Stefano AI:

Absolutely! Powerlifting is a fantastic way to build muscle. When you switch from bodybuilding to powerlifting, you shift your focus from feeling the muscle to perfecting the movement. Powerlifting trains you to be movement-focused rather than muscle-focused. By training with full-body movements and generating more force, you can synchronize your body and avoid segmenting, especially with exercises like deadlifts.

When you combine powerlifting training with a diet that supports muscle growth, such as eating in a slight caloric surplus with adequate protein intake, you can expect to build muscle and get stronger. This is particularly beneficial for women, as they often fall into the trap of trying to stay lean all the time. Focusing on strength training can help women tap into their untapped strength potential, increase energy levels, boost metabolism, and build great curves.

While other forms of resistance training, like powerlifting and Olympic lifting, can also build muscle, bodybuilding-style principles, when applied appropriately, have been shown to build