Cardio types

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Here are the most relevant clips for cardio types:

  • "Best Cardio for Fat Loss" (episode 1010): Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the three types of cardio for burning body fat: hit cardio, steady-state cardio, and no cardio. They recommend high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as the best option.
  • "Cardio vs Strength Training" (episode 1576): Sal and Justin explain the differences between cardio and strength training, and how pushing a heavy sled is more like resistance training.
  • "Cardiovascular Training" (episode 1010): Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the different types of energy systems and how they relate to cardiovascular training, and the benefits of cardio, including improved heart and lung health.

These clips cover the different types of cardio, their benefits, and how they relate to other forms of exercise. They provide a good overview of the topic and can help listeners choose the best type of cardio for their fitness goals.