Customized supplements

Sal Di Stefano AI:

Here are the most relevant clips for your search on customized supplements:

  • "Personalization in Fitness" (Dr. Stephen Cabral episode): Dr. Cabral discusses how personal trainers can offer customized packages with nutrition plans based on food sensitivities and lab tests, providing value beyond traditional training.

  • "The World of Supplements" (#1227 episode): Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the history of supplements and emphasize that while they can be beneficial, food is always the best source of nutrients.

  • "Supplement Industry Challenges" (Mike Matthews episode): Mike shares insights on navigating supply chain challenges during the pandemic, including securing inventory and optimizing advertising spend.

These clips provide valuable information on personalized nutrition, the role of supplements, and challenges in the supplement industry.

I hope you find these clips helpful on your journey to understanding customized supplements!