Fitness Success

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  • "Fitness for Success" from episode #1351: Sal and Adam discuss how pursuing fitness in a healthy way can encourage personal growth and build skills that lead to success in other aspects of life, such as relationships and business.
  • "Winning Health" from episode "The ESSENTIAL HABITS You Need To Move Freely & Live Fully | Kelly & Julie Starrett on Mind Pump 2042": Kelly and Julie Starrett discuss how to identify success in health and fitness, emphasizing the importance of objective measurements and being able to do the things you care about.
  • "Efficiency Over Fitness" from episode "Mind Pump Episode #1205 | Do The Risks Of HIIT Training Outweigh The Benefits?": Justin and Sal discuss how efficiency is becoming more important than fitness, with even Silicon Valley executives promoting the idea of hacking ways to success in the quickest time possible.

These clips provide insights into the relationship between fitness and success, the importance of objective measurements, and the concept of efficiency in achieving fitness goals. Enjoy listening!