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  • "HIIT Training Benefits" (#1205): Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the benefits of HIIT in both cardio and weightlifting workouts, including its time efficiency and effectiveness for achieving results.
  • "30 Minute Workouts" (#1310): Sal shares three HIIT workouts that are great for strength, conditioning, and mobility. He also introduces Legion, a supplement company that uses efficacious doses and natural sweeteners.
  • "Combining Maps HIIT" (#1311): Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the drawbacks of combining Maps HIIT with other programs like Maps Anabolic. They caution against overwhelming the body's ability to recover and recommend replacing Foundational Day instead of adding HIIT to another program.

These clips cover the benefits and drawbacks of HIIT, as well as specific workouts and programs that incorporate it.