How important is recovery?

Sal Di Stefano AI:

Recovery is absolutely crucial for progress and results. When we train, we send a signal to our body to adapt and get stronger. But if we constantly beat ourselves up without giving our body enough time to recover, we end up in what I call the "recovery trap." It's like running on a hamster wheel, expending a lot of energy but not going anywhere. Recovery and adaptation are not the same thing. Recovery is healing, while adaptation is getting stronger and building muscle. If we don't prioritize recovery, our body won't have the chance to adapt and progress. So it's important to pay attention to how we feel going into the next workout. If we're constantly sore and hindered by the previous workout, it's a sign that we're not allowing enough time for recovery. We need to find a balance between pushing ourselves in the gym and giving our body the time it needs to heal and adapt. And it's not just physical recovery that's important, but also