How to rehab and recover?

Sal Di Stefano AI:

Rehabilitation and recovery require a thoughtful and patient approach. When it comes to healing the gut, it's important to understand that it takes time. Just like rehabbing an injury, you can't rush the process. According to functional medicine practitioner Will Cole, the initial intervention protocol for gut healing can take a few months. However, the overall rehab process may span years, not just weeks or months. It's crucial to stay consistent with the tools and protocols that are most effective for you. Avoid reintroducing problematic foods too quickly, as this can hinder the healing process. Remember, the body needs time to heal and rebuild.

Similarly, in athletic performance, finding the right balance is key. Pushing your limits is necessary for top performance, but it's important to avoid tipping over the edge into injury. Athletes often walk a fine line between maximum performance and potential harm. When an injury occurs, compensatory movements and imbalances can lead to further issues. It's crucial to give your body