Muscle growth

Sal Di Stefano AI:

Here are the most relevant clips for your search on muscle growth:

  • "Muscle Growth Hacks" (Episode 1070): Dr. Scott Stevenson and I discuss the role of adapting to training stimulus in muscle hypertrophy and how neural adaptation contributes to muscle growth.
  • "Building Strong Bones" (Episode 1881): I explain how strength training helps build strong bones by creating tension that stimulates bone growth and strengthens anchor points for muscles.
  • "Building Muscle and Youthful Hormones" (Episode 1835): Adam, Justin, and I discuss how building muscle sends signals for growth and adaptation, and how strength training improves hormone effectiveness and promotes youthful hormones.

These clips provide valuable insights into muscle growth, bone health, and the relationship between strength training and hormones. Keep listening and keep growing!