Sal Di Stefano AI:

Here are the most relevant clips for your search on recovery:

  • "Recovery Techniques" from episode "This Is The Real PROBLEM with CROSSFIT|Hunter McIntyre on Mind Pump": Hunter McIntyre shares his recovery techniques, including leg pump ups, Normatech, and traction exercises.
  • "Hyperbaric Therapy Benefits" from episode "#1252 | Confessions of A Sports Agent": Wynn discusses the benefits of hyperbaric therapy for recovery and rehab, including reduced swelling and faster healing times.
  • "Recovery Trap" from episode "#1297: 3 Ways to Know If Your Workout Is Not Right for You": Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the importance of recovery in the process of adaptation and progress, and how ignoring signs of pain can be detrimental.

I hope you find these clips helpful in your recovery journey!