Skinny Fat

Sal Di Stefano AI:

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  • "Building Muscle for Skinny Fat" (Episode 906): Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the best route for someone with a skinny fat body composition, recommending building strength and muscle to increase metabolism and make fat loss easier.
  • "Remedy Skinny Fat" (Episode 1190): Sal and Adam discuss the remedy for skinny fat, emphasizing the importance of lifting weights to provide the body with the signal to build muscle.
  • "Skinny Fat Lifestyle" (Episode 1190): Sal and Justin discuss how the lifestyle of skinny fat individuals, including low protein intake and long, steady-state cardio, can discourage muscle growth.

These clips provide insights into addressing the challenges of being skinny fat and offer practical solutions for building muscle and improving body composition.

I hope you find these clips helpful on your fitness journey!