Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Sal Di Stefano AI:

Here are the most relevant clips on Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

  • In episode 1839, I discuss the findings of an 11-year study on testosterone replacement therapy, highlighting improvements in longevity, mobility, cognition, and insulin sensitivity. It's important to find the right balance and work with a knowledgeable doctor.
  • Dr. Rand McClain talks about hormone replacement therapy in episode 1607, mentioning that it hasn't become mainstream yet. He also discusses how urology will be the torchbearer for testosterone replacement and predicts it will take another ten years to become mainstream.
  • In episode 1679, we address misconceptions around testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and training. We emphasize that even with optimized testosterone levels, the same principles of training and recovery still apply. We also stress the importance of maintaining balance.

I hope these clips provide you with valuable insights into Testosterone Replacement Therapy and help you make informed decisions. Remember, always consult with a knowledgeable healthcare professional.