What is the role of testosterone?

Sal Di Stefano AI:

Testosterone plays a crucial role in both men and women. As the primary male hormone, it is responsible for masculinizing effects in men, such as strength, muscle gain, drive, and motivation. Women also have testosterone, albeit in smaller amounts, and it contributes to their strength, muscle tone, and energy levels. Optimal testosterone levels are important for overall health, as low levels can lead to symptoms like poor workout recovery, low sex drive, depression, and bone loss. On the other hand, healthy, natural levels of testosterone have been shown to be protective against various diseases like heart disease and certain cancers. It's worth noting that the warnings about "too much" testosterone usually refer to exogenous testosterone use, not naturally high levels. When it comes to building muscle, testosterone plays a significant role. While other factors like genetics, diet, and exercise also influence muscle growth, individuals with naturally higher testosterone levels tend to build muscle more easily and experience benefits like increased energy and motivation. Strength