How is the cannabis market changing?


The cannabis market is undergoing significant changes, characterized by a shift from a counterculture foundation to a more corporate and regulated framework. This transition is driven by the need to meet legal standards, which often appeals more to a general consumer base than the original counterculture community. 1

Additionally, the early days of the market saw operations that were less formal and more about taking risks, often operating on the fringes of the law. With legalization, there's been an influx of investors and the introduction of business controls and regulations, contributing to the growth and legitimization of the industry. 2

The marketing and product diversity have also expanded significantly. In places like Colorado, marijuana businesses employ modern agricultural techniques and offer a wide range of new products, such as marijuana-infused drinks. This has not only professionalized the market but also severely undercut illegal operations. 3

The Changing Cannabis Industry

Chris and Chris discuss the evolving cannabis industry, touching on the shift towards a more corporate mentality, the diminishing counterculture element, and the potential impact on business opportunities and careers. They highlight the need for balance and express concerns about losing the industry's unique allure.

Modern Wisdom

How Does The Cannabis Industry Work? - Chris Walsh | Modern Wisdom Podcast 333

Furthermore, regulatory and supply chain challenges in places like Canada illustrate the growing pains of transitioning to a legal market, often marked by supply shortages and inconsistent retail experiences. 4

Overall, the transformation of the cannabis market reflects a movement towards mainstream business practices, product diversification, and significant regulatory oversight.