How important are actions in diplomacy?


In diplomacy, actions play a crucial role, often being more significant than words alone. emphasizes the transformative potential of actions over mere statements, illustrating this with an example from his experience with the Abraham Accords. He points out that the actual steps taken—like establishing health partnerships and financial connections—were critical for achieving results and building trust between nations. Kushner also notes that under President Trump's administration, the possibility of decisive action reinforced the weight of diplomatic words, enhancing their effectiveness. This approach contrasts with political scenarios where long-term projects might not yield successful outcomes yet are still considered expertly handled due to prolonged engagement 1.

Building Bridges

Jared Kushner discusses the importance of actions over words in diplomacy and how leaders can be transformational in achieving results. He highlights the effectiveness of President Trump's unpredictable actions and the need to bridge the divide between government and private sector mentalities.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Jared Kushner: Israel, Palestine, Hamas, Gaza, Iran, and the Middle East | Lex Fridman Podcast #399